Recently, the International Journal of Temporal Biology published a heavyweight article “Relationship between Work and Rest and Morbidity and Mortality in the British Biological Sample Bank”. Compared with those who go to bed early and get up early, “night owls” who don’t sleep at night and can’t afford it in the morning have a higher risk of “early death.”

The study, based on a sample of nearly 500,000 people in the British biobank, found that people who do not get up at night and who wake up in the morning are 10% more likely to die than those who get up early and get up early.

Who is staying up all night long?

There are two main types of people who stay up all night:

① choose to stay up late

For example, young people are reluctant to sleep and use their mobile phones to brush all day long. A pottery drama is all night long; for example, during the Chinese New Year, family and friends meet up, all kinds of carnivals, and many people will inevitably break their daily routines even if they do not like to use mobile phones. .

② Stay up all night

There are also some people who stay up all night long because of the needs of the job. For example, some white-collar workers in companies with many projects often stay up all night to work overtime, and then doctors, nurses, grass-roots policemen, etc., who need night workers.

There are Baoma, almost all year round, on standby 24 hours a day, and sleep has even become a luxury (I strongly urge dads to share it!

After staying up all night, “disfigured + short-lived”

Staying up late for a long time can harm your overall health.

Because the human adrenocortical hormones and growth hormones are secreted during sleep at night. The former is secreted before dawn, and has the function of promoting carbohydrate metabolism and ensuring muscle development.

In addition, staying up all night can cause:

1) Increased wrinkles

According to the London School of Sleep, reducing your sleep by 2 hours a day for a week can have a serious effect on your appearance.

Among the women participating in the survey, the number of fine lines and wrinkles increased by 45%, and the number of spots increased by 13%. Human eyes become red and swollen, and the skin becomes loose and sagging, and more wrinkles develop.

2) Hair loss

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune, non-scarring alopecia, commonly known as “ghost shaving.” Hair comes off unknowingly, often found inadvertently or by others.

Alopecia areata is mainly caused by emotional factors. Anxiety and fright may also cause alopecia areata. Staying up late may cause endocrine disorders and may also cause alopecia areata.

3) Sudden deafness

It was good, but suddenly I couldn’t hear it. This was sudden deafness. Often staying up late, prolonged fatigue, and lack of sleep can hinder blood supply to the inner ear. Once exposed to external stimuli (such as sudden temperature changes, viral infections, etc.), it can easily cause sudden deafness.

4) decreased vision

The damage to your eyes by staying up late is not just as simple as the appearance of “panda eyes”. Overloading the eyes for a long time can cause pain, dryness and other problems in the eyes, and even make people suffer from dry eye.

Overwork caused by staying up late for a long time may also induce central retinitis, leading to sudden vision loss.

5) Neurasthenia

During the day after staying up late the day, the sympathetic nerves are difficult to fully excite, making people lack of energy, dizziness, memory loss, inattention, unresponsiveness, forgetfulness, dizziness, headache, etc.

Over time, more serious problems such as neurasthenia and insomnia will appear.

6) Alzheimer’s disease

A recent study by scientists has shown that when a mouse doesn’t get enough sleep, it can make the brain show bad signs that could trigger Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer’s disease).

7) Hypertension and sudden death

Studies have shown that long-term lack of sleep is an important causative factor for hypertension, which also makes people who stay up late suffer from a variety of sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which can lead to sudden death.

8) Diabetes

For people with a family history of diabetes, staying up late often increases the risk of developing diabetes. Compared with others, people with a family history of diabetes have a certain cause of disease. If the conditions are suitable, it is like the seeds encounter the appropriate environment, and they will soon take root.

9) Cancer

Medical studies show that people who stay up late are more likely to develop cancer than people who sleep well. Taking pancreatic cancer as an example, the incidence of people who often stay up late is more than three times higher than the average person.

Because cancer cells are produced during cell division, and cell division occurs mostly during sleep. Staying up late will affect the normal division of cells, leading to cell mutation and cancer cells.

10) Immune disorders

Staying up late for a long time will cause the body’s immune dysfunction, which will cause nephritis in the kidney; it may be lupus in the skin; rheumatoid arthritis in the joints … The human body is in a sub-healthy state, such as cold Diseases, gastroenteritis and other gastrointestinal diseases will come to you.

Stay up late often, what can you eat to make up for your health?

Those who stay up all night are really responsible for their health and beauty, and try to adjust the rest time as much as possible to ensure that it is best to fall asleep before 11 o’clock every night, and sleep for 7-8 hours.

However, in real life, we always encounter irresistible factors and stay up late, such as the inevitable play during the Chinese New Year, such as work needs. If it ca n’t be avoided, what can we eat to reduce the damage caused by staying up late and make up for our health?



Protein can repair the liver. For people whose liver function is damaged and weakened after staying up late, eating more high-protein foods is more conducive to liver recovery, while preventing further liver damage, and can also provide energy for you who are tired after staying up late.

High-protein, low-calorie foods such as eggs, milk, chicken, and tofu are good for repairing liver cells and promoting liver cell regeneration.

After staying up late, you can drink a glass of milk before bedtime or when you wake up, to repair the loss in time.


Vitamin A

Staying up late can cause eye fatigue, and vitamin A can alleviate visual fatigue caused by overuse of the eye, adjust the retinal photosensitive substances, help improve the adaptability to dim light, and prevent eye fatigue and vision loss.

The daily vitamin A intake for men is 800 micrograms, and the daily vitamin intake for women is 700 micrograms.

A single carrot or 10 grams of chicken liver is enough for one day. In addition to carrots and animal livers, spinach and broccoli also contain a lot of vitamin A.


B vitamins

B vitamins can accelerate human metabolism, maintain skin health, and delay skin aging.

Vitamin B12 can maintain the normal function of the nervous system, improve the problems that will occur after staying up late, such as memory loss and inattention.

I often sleep too late, and you can add B vitamins by eating soy beans, rice, mushrooms, and a little meat.


Vitamin C

Adrenaline secretion increases when staying up late, and the synthesis of adrenaline requires vitamin C. The next day after staying up late will be a state of fatigue and fatigue. At this time, vitamin C supplementation will relieve the fatigue and soothe the nerves.

In addition, vitamin C has the effect of reducing melanin deposits and can alleviate dark circles that appear after staying up late.

After staying up all night, I’m too tired, and I feel a little uncomfortable. Just eat some fruits rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, cherry, and orange.

How to do it? The intimate Xiaobian prepared 3 dietary treatments for everyone, especially suitable for drinking after staying up late.

1.Pork loin stew with Eucommia

Take 25 grams of Eucommia ulmoides and boiled pork loin for 1 hour, take it once a day or every two or three days; it has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones. It is suitable for those who suffer from backache and back pain and limb weakness after staying up late.

2, lotus seed lily pot lean meat

Take 20 grams of lotus seeds (heart removed), 20 grams of lilies, and 100 grams of lean pork, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, and season the meat with salt. It has the effects of clearing the heart, nourishing the lungs, nourishing qi and soothing the nerves, and is suitable for those who suffer from dry cough, insomnia, upset and palpitations after staying up late.

3.Lily lotus seed soup

60 grams of fresh lily or 30 grams of dried lily powder, porridge with 100 grams of japonica rice, mix with an appropriate amount of sugar or honey, lotus seeds, and eat at dinner or in the afternoon.

When using lily to make ravioli or porridge, you can also add other foods or Chinese medicines as appropriate.

Joining Tremella fungus has the effect of nourishing the lungs;

Adding mung beans can strengthen the effect of clearing heart and detoxifying;

Adding indica rice can be dehumidified at the same time, this recipe is especially suitable for women to eat after staying up late.

In addition, pay attention to diet when staying up late:

  1. Avoid high-fat foods such as instant noodles, crisp bread, and meat products. Because they digest slowly, they can delay gastric emptying and may even affect appetite the next day.
  2. Eat as little fried, grilled and fried foods as possible at night, such as fried peanuts, kebabs, etc., which will cause adverse effects on the gastric mucosa.

3, the intake of fruit at night should also be appropriate, do not eat fruit with more sugar, otherwise it may lead to frequent nights at night, affecting sleep quality.

4, too salty things should be avoided as much as possible. Because this will make you drink water constantly, it will also make it difficult to drain water, which affects sleep and easily causes facial swelling the next day.

5 ways to reduce the sequelae of staying up late

It’s easy to feel drowsy after staying up all night. At this point, restoring physical strength immediately is the top priority. The following editors will introduce 5 tips to help everyone reduce the danger of staying up late.


Refreshing and drinking black tea

Although drinking coffee after staying up late is refreshing, but after drinking coffee, it will consume the B vitamins in the human body and make people feel tired.

Shi Ming, deputy director of the Shanghai Insomnia Collaboration Center, suggested that it is best to drink black tea when staying up or after staying up, because black tea is a fully fermented tea, although the content of tea polyphenols is small, after the “maturation” process, the stimulation is weak, so mild. Drinking can refresh you without affecting rest.


Take a deep breath when you feel tired

If you feel very tired after staying up late, take a deep breath and do it every half an hour. This can increase the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain and drive away fatigue.


Have an eye-protecting fruit meal

Eye pain, dryness, and swelling can occur after staying up late. At this time, it is best to do eye exercises and eat some fruits, such as mango, orange, carrot and other orange-yellow fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A. Can improve the adaptability of night owls to light and prevent visual fatigue.

Blueberries and cherry seeds are particularly suitable for staying up late. In addition to protecting the eyes, the antioxidants contained in them can also refresh and prevent fatigue.


Don’t forget to take a nap

There is a saying: “Do not sleep one night, do not wake up ten nights”. This means that if you don’t sleep overnight, your body will take a long time to recover.

The best remedy after staying up late is to sleep. In addition to normal night sleep, you also need to take a nap. Generally, young people need 2 to 3 days, and people over 40 years old can recover their body in about 5 days.


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