3 things are “accelerators” for kidney disease, advise you to do less!

1, The taste is “overweight”

Modern people tend to have heavy tastes and prefer high-oil, high-fat, high-salt foods. However, such “three high” foods can seriously damage kidney health.

Studies in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nephrology found that eating desserts with fried foods can increase the chance of kidney failure by 55%.

Excessive salt can also increase blood pressure and proteinuria excretion. Long-term hypertension can increase glomerular pressure. Severe hypertension can increase the risk of uremia by 11 times.

2, Drugs “overeat”

It is a drug that is divided into three parts. The kidney is the organ of the body’s metabolism and detoxification, which can easily become the “target” of drug damage.

Like antibiotics, vitamin C tablets, and hormonal drugs, they all hurt the kidneys.

Antibiotics are not a “universal medicine”. A large number of abuses will lead to drug resistance, which will make the efficacy lower and lower, and even the situation where no medicine is available. Antibiotics accumulate in the body, increase the burden on the kidney, and can induce renal failure for a long time.

3, “Extreme” exercise

Many people usually do not exercise, but they especially like to drink after exercise.

Alcoholism and exercise can easily lead to acute rhabdomyolysis syndrome. Due to rhabdomyolysis, a large amount of myoglobin appears in the urine, also known as myoglobinuria.

Myoglobin is very harmful to the kidneys and can block the renal tubules, which can cause acute renal failure.