4 movements to strengthen shoulder strength and form

People who often participate in sports and fitness know that the shoulder is a relatively easy to ignore area, but at the same time it has an important role. If a man exercises his shoulders well, he can make himself stronger, and if a woman does well, he can make himself appear slimmer. If you wear a sleeveless T-shirt, not only the arms can be exposed, but the shoulders can also be exposed at the same time. If the shoulders are obtained through training, the lines of the arms will become more beautiful.

Therefore, the training of body parts has nothing to do with the size of the muscle group. The shoulder is not a large muscle group, but it is also a part of the body, so the training of the shoulder should not be ignored. Even if we don’t practice shoulders for physical reasons, it also plays a very important role. The shoulder is a muscle group that connects the arm and torso. It functions like a bearing in an instrument and can help cooperate to make some stretching and bending movements. Therefore, the development of the shoulders also determines the stability of many movements to a certain extent.

Therefore, it is not only when you need to train your shoulders that you exercise your shoulders. Even if you need to practice your arms, chest, and back, you also need to have shoulder training as a basis. And training the shoulder is a key position to break through the training bottleneck in other parts of the body.

In summary, no matter what we look at, shoulder training is very important and we should focus on it. If we look at the more common shoulder exercises, we need to practice the anterior, middle, and posterior beams of the deltoid muscles, and we must use front, side, and other exercises. But from this point of view, the movements are a bit single, so we will add some other movements to improve the freshness and stimulate the shoulder muscles in many ways.

Action 1: Dumbbell leaning over birds

This action can stimulate the posterior deltoid and back muscle groups. Stand with your feet apart a certain distance, hold the two dumbbells with your hands, let your palms face each other, and lean your body forward at an angle of less than 90 degrees. With your arms perpendicular to the ground, relax naturally, and then force your arms to straighten to the sides and parallel to the ground. After a pause, slowly lower it back to the vertical ground position and repeat the action.

Action two: One-arm dumbbell flat lifting

This action requires the assistance of a fixed object. Hold a fixed object in one hand to maintain balance. The arm holding the object is bent, and the other arm is vertical to the ground. Hold a dumbbell with the palm facing backwards. Stand with your legs straight, then lift the dumbbells hard, and stretch your arms forward until the arms are parallel to the ground. Then drop it slowly to return the dumbbell to the starting position.

Action 3: Standing dumbbell press

Keep your legs apart and keep standing with your legs straight. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, bend your arms, and palm facing forward. Keep your back and waist straight, push your dumbbells upwards with both hands, so that your two arms are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. After a short pause, then move the dumbbell down to the position you just started, and repeat this action.

Action 4: Barbell Rowing

This exercise requires the use of barbells. It is recommended to go to the gym for professional training. Stand facing the barbell, with your feet apart a certain distance, then move your hips down, bend your legs, and lean your upper body forward. Hold the barbell with your hands at a relatively large grip distance, face yourself with your palms, and then pull up the barbell to keep it off the ground. Continue to bend your arms and pull up the barbell until your arms are parallel to the ground. After a short pause, lower it slowly to straighten your arms, but do not touch the ground with the barbell. Repeat this action.

Although the shoulder is easy to be ignored, it must be necessary for shoulder training. It is recommended to go to the gym and train the shoulders professionally, because we will use some large equipment. During the training, keep it as stable as possible. Each movement is standard, and you can choose the movement training according to your goals. Although there are not many movements, only four, but doing these movements can also strengthen the strength and shape of the shoulders.