8 wines with the highest degree in the world

Many people see 53 degrees of wine, they feel that the degree is very high and it is difficult to swallow.

I have heard about more than 60 degrees of wine occasionally, and that’s just to smell his name.

Xiaobian below introduces to everyone, all started at 70 degrees, do you dare to take a bite?

8th place:

China 76% Hengshui Laobai Dry Alcohol concentration: 76%.

This is the Hengshui Laobai dry that many liquor collectors are struggling to find. It is really rare to see it in reality, let alone a product.

7th place:

Jamaican Rum John Crow Batty Rum

Alcohol concentration: 80%.

The feature is the capitalized JB trademark, so it is also called Big JB. This wine is named after the poet John Crow Batty. It is more powerful than the stomach acid that is used to eating carrion. If you can get used to this kind of wine, there must be no wine you are not used to.

6th place:

Scottish Vodka Pincer Shanghai Strength

Alcohol concentration: 88.8%.

This kind of strong vodka contains traditional Chinese medicine ingredients such as elderflower and milk thistle. A bottle of wine can drink 62 cups instead of 26 cups of ordinary wine.

5th place

Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe, Czech Republic

Alcohol concentration: 89.9%.

Hapsburg Absinthe, which has the slogan “We don’t have limitations,” is not a kind of absinthe that has been used by Van Gogh, but it is enough to make people like “artist” crazy. Therefore, sellers always persuade customers not to drink directly, it is best to mix some other wines.

4th place

Grenada Rum River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum

Alcohol concentration: 90%.

This clear, intense rum uses centuries-old tank distillation, which is slowly distilled to maximize the taste of the wine. It is distilled from fermented sugar cane juice. If you want to mingle with the locals, just drink a cup of pure food with them.

3rd place

Scottish four-distilled whiskey Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey

Alcohol concentration: 92%.

The Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey is the single alcoholic whisky with the highest alcohol content in the 17th century. It is stored in oak barrels to increase the taste. At the same time, a team of BBC reporters witnessed its high alcohol level, which could drive a sports car at 100 mph.

2nd place

American Everclear and Golden Grain Ale

Alcohol concentration: 95%.

Everclear is the first American to sell 95% of the spirits that can be sold in bottles. It is popular among young people.

Golden ale and Everclear are both owned by a manufacturer with similar quality and are banned from sale in many states in the United States. Golden ale is also a major source of ingredients for drinks such as “Screaming Purple Jesus” and “Instant Death”.

1st place

Polish distillation vodka

Alcohol concentration: 96%.

Polish refinery vodka – Spirytus Rektyfikowany. It is what the Westerners call “the water of life” is the highest-known wine in the world.

Its main raw materials are cereals and potato crops. After more than 70 times of distillation, it has reached 96% alcohol. It is the world’s highest alcoholic and strongest wine.