A protein can improve white matter damage

Japan’s “Daily News” website reported on the 14th that the results of the graduate school of Nagoya City University, Ze Ben and Yan et al., will be expected to be applied in the field of neonatal brain injury treatment.

According to Zeben and Yan, white matter is the area where nerve fibers gather in the brain. Previous studies have shown that if the oligodendrocytes in the white matter are damaged, there will be symptoms such as difficulty walking.

The researchers used 10 mice born for 5 days to conduct experiments. They put the mice in a plastic box, and the hypoxic environment in the box reduces the amount of blood flowing through the mouse brain, which in turn causes damage to the white matter of the mouse. These mice gradually developed symptoms such as difficulty walking.

The researchers injected asiatic erythropoietin into the body of five of the mice, but did not take any action on the other five.

After about 2 weeks, the number of oligodendrocytes regenerated from the brain of mice injected with asialo-erythropoietin was about three times that of the control mice. After about one month, the function of the former group of mice walked back to a near normal state.

The relevant papers in this study will be published online in the US “Stem Cell” magazine online.