After 4 kinds of vegetables are germinated, you can also eat with confidence.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are getting more and more abundant in daily diet, and the foods they eat in the daily life are all fresh. When they buy more food in the usual time, if they are placed for too long, there will be long buds. Case.

Most people think that this food will have too much toxin, and eating it in large quantities is harmful to the body, so it is often thrown away.

Today, Xiaobian tells you a few dishes that can be eaten, and it is nutritious!

1, sprouted peanuts

Peanuts after germination should not be discarded. Its nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary peanuts. Therefore, it is called “longevity dish” and can be eaten by men, women and children. Regular consumption of germinated peanuts can protect the heart, and it has a good stabilizing effect on blood vessels and blood pressure, especially middle-aged people can eat more. Women often eat and can also moisturize and whiten, so that your skin will not be rough because of too dry. Many places now use artificial culture of peanut buds, and the price is not cheap.

2, sprouted soybeans

The products of soy after germination are very common in our life, and not only soybeans, but also bean foods such as mung beans and black beans can be eaten after germination. The taste of the bean sprouts is crisp and crisp, it tastes refreshing and fragrant, and it is chewed and loved by the public. People will go to the vegetable market to buy bean sprouts to eat. Soybeans in the germination process will reduce the nutrients that are not absorbed by the body, increase the content of vitamin C and water, so that it will be more nutritious.

3, sprouted garlic

Compared with fresh garlic, the germinated garlic is more resistant to oxidation and can prevent aging. At the same time, the freshly grown garlic buds can also be eaten. The germinated garlic is planted in the soil, and it takes a long time to get a pot of fresh garlic.

4, sprouted peas

The buds of peas are the pea seedlings we talk about everyday. This is also a common dish, rich in carotene, which can be purchased at the market.

How about, the nutritional value of these four kinds of dishes sprouted is still very high, you did not know when you saw this article? Although some dishes can be eaten when they are sprouted, there are many dishes that can’t be eaten. Oh, everyone sees the vegetables that have been in the long time sprouting, so be sure to consider them, don’t eat them!