Always want to eat, may lack sleep

Poor sleep can cause decreased immunity, irritability, and so on. The latest author of the American Men’s Health magazine pointed out that you should add sleep if you have the following problems.

  1. Always want to eat. Abnormal sleep will disturb the body’s biological clock, people always want to eat, so many people have problems with sleep will be reflected in the sudden increase and sudden decrease in weight.
  2. Easy to feel dizzy and disgusting. The human immune system is repaired and strengthened during sleep. If you are usually very strong, not easy to get sick, but often feel dizzy and nausea, it may be caused by lack of sleep.
  3. Forgetting big. You may suddenly be unable to think about what to put. The brain needs sleep to restore energy, and lack of sleep can affect a person’s short-term memory. By the same token, it is better to take a nap and sneak up before the exam.
  4. Communicating with people can’t keep up with the rhythm. When chatting, the mind is groggy, the idea is slow, and I don’t know what to say. This is the sign that you need to sleep to restore your energy.
  5. Being languid during the day. Staring at the computer, both eyelids fight, and when you drive, you can’t open your eyes. These are the signals that the body needs to sleep. Drinking coffee and blowing a cool breeze may make people refreshed, but it does not solve the fundamental problem of physical sleepiness.
  6. Attention is not concentrated. You may find yourself viewing several different websites in 5 minutes, or reviewing your emails repeatedly, but not paying attention to what information you received. Usually this is caused by poor sleep.