Apple, one of the most common nutritious fruits

Fruits are rich in nutrients and contain a lot of trace elements and nutrients needed by the human body. It is good for the body to eat fruits, but if you don’t eat them, the fruits will not only have a related effect, but will cause discomfort. Serious can affect your health.

Apple is a kind of low-calorie food, rich in various trace elements and vitamins and other nutrients needed by the human body. It is recognized as one of the most healthy fruits with the highest nutritional level. The nutrients in apples are so soluble that they are easily absorbed by the body. It is called “living water”.

The phosphorus and iron elements contained in apples are easily absorbed by the intestinal wall, which has the effect of nourishing the brain and nourishing the nerves, and reducing the cholesterol content. When the human body consumes too much sodium salt, eating some apples can make The electrolyte in the body is balanced.

But the apples with so many benefits also have discomfort:

First, patients with ulcerative colitis
This type of patient is not suitable for raw apples, especially during acute attacks, because the patient’s intestinal wall ulcers become thinner, but the apples are harder in texture, plus stimulation with 1.2% crude fiber and 0.5% organic acid.

Therefore, it is not conducive to the healing of the ulcer surface of the intestinal wall, and may also mechanically act on the intestinal wall, thereby easily causing complications such as intestinal perforation, intestinal dilatation, and intestinal obstruction.

Second, patients with leukopenia
This type of patient is also not suitable for raw apples. In addition, patients with enlarged prostate are not suitable for raw apples; because eating raw apples may cause the disease to worsen or affect the treatment results, so eat less or cook well. Eat again.

When cooking apples, add appropriate amount of water to cook with simmer; after cooking, the content of polyphenols containing natural antioxidants will increase greatly, which can reduce blood sugar, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

Third, the symptoms of stomach cold
People who usually have stomach cold symptoms are not suitable for raw apples. People who have too much raw food for stomach cold can cause stomach discomfort. Moreover, such people should not eat apples on an empty stomach in the morning, which will cause discomfort to the stomach.

However, people who do not have such symptoms can eat apples on an empty stomach in the morning, but it is appropriate; and even if you eat apples, don’t forget to eat breakfast.

In addition, there are some things that need to be noted:
1, apples do not eat with milk, because the fruit acid in the apple and the protein in the milk reaction will produce calcium precipitation, easy to cause gallstones; 2, apples and carrots with food is easy to produce substances that cause goiter; 3, eat on an empty stomach Apple should not eat too much, or it will increase the burden on the stomach.

Apple has a high nutritional value, but only when it is eaten correctly can the apple’s nutritional value play its biggest role, as do other fruits.