Arthritis should eat more cherries and eat less pasta

Try the Mediterranean diet. Dr. Joey Du Post, a spokesperson for the American Society of Nutrition and Diet, said that in the Mediterranean diet, many foods have anti-inflammatory effects, such as fish, olives and olive oil, whole grain foods, and various fruits and vegetables.

Eat some cherries. A study by the Oregon Health University in the United States found that drinking sour cherry juice twice a day, 10.5 ounces (about 298 grams), can greatly reduce the body’s inflammatory factors. Scientists say that the key role is the rich anthocyanins in sour cherries, so eating cherries directly can achieve the above effects.

Curry ginger can be anti-inflammatory. Dr. Victoria Metz, director of the Arizona General Medical Center, recommends that curries and ginger be used in the diet of arthritis patients. Both flavors have an effect of relieving inflammation.

Eat less pasta. Some arthritis patients are particularly sensitive to pasta such as taro and bread. Many patients find that joint pain is significantly improved after not eating pasta.

Make up the fish oil. Doctors have found that eating more fish helps relieve rheumatoid arthritis. The reason is that omega-3 fatty acids in fish have the effect of relieving inflammation in the body.