Britain invents yoghurt that can identify diseases

The American Medical Journal recently reported that British scientists have developed a new type of yogurt. After drinking it, doctors can distinguish the disease from the color of the discharged feces.

Designed by Cambridge University, the yoghurt implants bacteria that secrete color into E. coli. When people drink yogurt drinks containing the bacteria, the food they eat will react in the stomach. The disease and severity are different, and the color of the discharged feces will be different. Using this biotechnology, doctors can detect the patient’s physical condition. For example, yellow means colitis, red means rotavirus, purple means salmonella, blue-violet represents gastric ulcer, blue means parasite in the intestine, green represents colorectal cancer, and brown means everything is normal. Researchers believe that this technology will help doctors diagnose multiple diseases in the future. Because this color-secreting bacteria contains a specific genetic sequence called “biomasonry,” it can tell whether beverages and foods are healthy or toxins.