British study says eating more tomatoes helps prevent prostate cancer

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” report, “British Nutrition Journal” published a study recently showed that eating more tomatoes can help prevent prostate cancer, lycopene produced by cooking cooked tomatoes can slow the growth of prostate cancer cells Speed ​​can even kill cancer cells.

Cancer cells grow and spread by “hijacking” the blood needed for healthy cells, and lycopene can interfere with the “blood-sucking” function of cancer cells. Researchers at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom now want to test whether this anticancer process can replicate in the human body.

The study found that all red fruits and vegetables contain lycopene, but tomato has the highest lycopene content; cooked tomatoes cooked with a little cooking oil, which contains lycopene is more easily absorbed, and its biological activity is also the highest. The survival mechanism of all cancer cells involves the absorption of blood supply in the human body, but the anticancer function of lycopene is particularly pronounced in the case of prostate cancer because lycopene tends to accumulate in prostate cells.

Researchers have previously completed the study, showing that eating 400 grams of cooked tomatoes a day for two weeks will increase the amount of lycopene in the blood. In addition, smokers need to consume more tomatoes to achieve the same effect as non-smokers.