Can eating chicken soup treat a cold?

Scientists at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in the United States have published a study showing that drinking chicken soup is better than drinking hot water to eliminate congestion and aeration in the nose of patients with colds. In their research, they found that one of the symptoms of a cold—a runny nose—is not caused by a cold virus, but by a “wounded” immune system. Therefore, scientists have determined that by measuring “the rate of nasal mucus secretion”, the effectiveness of different treatment methods can be determined. The faster the mucus secretion rate, the more effective the treatment is. Studies have found that people who drink chicken soup have a higher rate of nasal mucus secretion than people who drink hot water. Another study found that proteins in muscle contain a “cysteine” substance, similar to acetylcysteine, which can dissolve mucus drugs in the lungs.

Drinking chicken soup is good, but not all chicken soup is effective. In a study published in the famous American journal Chest, researchers tested 19 specially formulated chicken soups and found that these chicken soups can inhibit inflammatory white blood cells that cause hoarseness, congestion and other cold symptoms. What’s even more incredible is that it can still work after diluting chicken broth in time. Here is a recipe for you.

The raw materials recommended by the researchers for chicken broth include: a hen weighing 2.5-3 kg; one or two chicken wings; one onion; one sweet potato; 5-6 celery roots; an appropriate amount of carrots and salt and pepper. The method is to boil the chicken in a large pot of cold water, add chicken wings, onions, sweet potatoes, carrots in turn, simmer for 90 minutes, scrape off the surface oil, add celery root and cook for another 45 minutes. After removing the chicken, add some salt and Just pepper.