Can humans not eat other living things?

To survive, people need to get food from the outside world. Food is needed for human growth, and it is also a source of energy. Plants can obtain energy sources through photosynthesis and by absorbing water and minerals in the soil. The food that humans eat involves animal and plant life. Can people not eat life?

To maintain the health of the body, as well as the development of growth and life activities, people need to obtain nutrients from the diet. The nutrients obtained can be roughly divided into seven categories: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, dietary fiber, water, Minerals. Like water and minerals, they are not life and can be obtained from non-living organisms. Of course, you can also get water, minerals, vitamins, etc. while ingesting food made from living organisms.

Most of the fats currently consumed by humans come from plants or animals. It is not impossible to synthesize edible oil from chemical raw materials. At present, it cannot reach the scale of large-scale production. Human sucrose is mainly from sugar cane or sugar beet. Chemical production of sucrose is currently unable to compete with traditional production methods.

Most importantly, proteins are difficult to obtain from nonliving organisms. Although there are now synthetic proteins or artificial amino acids, the price can be prohibitively high. Protein is the material basis of life activities, and it is also the main bearer of life activities. Humans must obtain 8 essential amino acids that cannot be produced in the human body by ingesting proteins, and then combine various amino acids to form the body’s own protein in accordance with certain rules. Perform various life activities.

Analysis shows that protein from animals is closer to the protein composition of the human body. Eggs, milk, and lean meat are all high-quality protein sources. Soy protein in plants is also a good source of protein, but methionine is a less essential amino acid. From this perspective alone, vegetarianism is not a healthy lifestyle.

In short, to survive, people must not only rely on other lives as food sources, but also have a balanced diet. Big fish or meat or vegetarianism is not a healthy lifestyle.