Can scallion and tofu prevent stones?

Any Jiguo, the head of the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety of China Agricultural University, said that the onion and tofu were passed on a little bit. In fact, these two kinds of food are really good to eat together. Shallots contain oxalic acid, which enters the body and reaches the kidneys and easily forms stones. Tofu contains calcium. When the shallot and tofu “combine” and are eaten into the stomach, these two substances will react. Oxalic acid neutralizes calcium, which can avoid the generation of kidney stones. In this sense, the shallot mixed with tofu passed down from ancient times is indeed a dish.

Some people have questioned that calcium oxalate is produced after the reaction between oxalic acid and calcium, which is difficult for human body to absorb. Regarding this, He Jiguo explained: “In the green onion mixed with tofu, the amount of green onion used is very small, and it will not affect the digestion.” The claims that eating green onion mixed with tofu will cause cramps and chondrosis are even more nonsense talk.

Also simmered with tofu and shallots are spinach tofu and fruit milk. “The principle of spinach tofu is basically the same as that of tofu mixed with shallots.” In addition, milk and juice can also be consumed together. Not as people say, fruit juice is an acidic beverage, and drinking with milk will affect protein absorption. On the contrary, when drinking juice and milk together, there are many fine pores on the protein clot that is formed. These pores allow the enzymes that break down proteins to enter the interior, which is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.