Chicken soup can not cure colds

Chen Jianhong, a Chinese medicine practitioner at the Linsen Hospital of Taipei City United Hospital, pointed out that colds can be divided into two types: wind and wind, and the diet is also very different. The symptoms of a cold-type cold are usually chills, runny nose and so on. It is recommended that patients with such colds drink boiled water, ginger soup or hot chicken soup. The wind-heated cold is mostly caused by sore throat and jaundice. Such patients should drink cool white at room temperature instead of hot water. If there is a combined fever, it should be noted that the water temperature should not be too high. In addition, such patients are not suitable for drinking chicken soup, otherwise it will aggravate the symptoms of colds. If the water is not tasteful, use a small amount of mint, chrysanthemum or honeysuckle to make tea.