Coriander ginger can relieve stomach pain

Ms. Yang from Hebei provides: Recently, my husband always feels a stomachache, and eating a lot of medicine does not work. My friend told me a recipe for treating stomach pains. The specific method is: wash 50 g of parsley and cut into sections, 10 g of ginger is washed and sliced, then put into a casserole with 10 g of brown sugar, add 400 ml of water, cook for 20 minutes on medium heat, drink soup, 1 dose per day. , served twice in the morning and evening. My husband only drank 3 doses and the stomach didn’t hurt.

Zhou Yingfa, Chief Physician, Department of Gastroenterology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University: This remedy is worth a try. “Compendium of Materia Medica” said that the coriander “sexual taste Xin Wenxiang, inside the heart and spleen, outside the limbs”, has the effect of the stomach. Because the coriander has a fragrant scent, it can promote gastrointestinal motility and has the effect of appetizing and spleen, which is beneficial to regulating human digestive function. Ginger is a food with high medicinal value, which can relieve stomach discomfort and prevent nausea and vomiting. In addition, ginger can also promote blood circulation, relieve stomach pain caused by cold, that is, symptoms of cold pain in the stomach. In addition, the materials used in the remedies are all ingredients, which are beneficial to the stomach, no side effects, and can be used with confidence.

It should be noted that patients with diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance are not suitable for this remedy, and there are many reasons for stomach pain. If you have frequent stomach pains, you should seek medical advice promptly, find out the cause, and diagnose early treatment.