Do you know the “longevity temperature” of the human body?

Longevity is something everyone wants. Especially when people are older, their bodies are naturally inferior to when they are younger. They should pay more attention to the changes of their bodies at any time, but men and women are different in nature.

A person’s body temperature is one of the criteria for detecting whether the body is healthy. For example, when a person has a cold and fever, it will cause a large fluctuation in body temperature. The normal body temperature should be 37 ° C, and the fluctuation should not exceed 1 ° C.

Scientific research has found that boys are inherently afraid of heat, so men who live longer should be colder. And women are afraid of cold, so it is easier to live longer if they are hot. Men want to cool their bodies and don’t take a sauna often.

If women want to live longer, they should keep their bodies warmer. In the autumn and winter seasons, you must first keep your hands and feet warm. Your hands and feet are located at the end of your body. If your hands and feet are cold, it means that the lack of blood in the body is not conducive to longevity.

All in all, those who want to live long should remember “men need to keep cold and women need to keep hot”, keep their body temperature at the right temperature, and don’t let yourself catch cold. Adhere to exercise every day, develop a good diet, maintain a good mood, natural health and longevity will become easy.