Drink sweet drinks and hurt the uterus

According to the US “Tour Science Network” report, a study in the United States found that menopausal women drink too much sweet drinks and are more likely to suffer from endometrial cancer.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota analyzed information on 23,000 postmenopausal women. These women reported on the diet structure within one year in 1986 and in 2004 again received a questionnaire survey on the intake of 127 foods (including sugary drinks and sugar-free drinks) in the past year. It was found that by 2010, 506 women who were tested were diagnosed with endometrial cancer, most of which were type I endometrial cancer (estrogen-dependent), and the more sweet drinks were ingested, the higher the incidence. Women who consumed 60 sweet drinks a week (about 1680 grams) had a 78% increased risk of endometrial cancer.

The researchers believe that the reason for the association between the two may be that excessive intake of sweet drinks can lead to obesity, obesity women have higher levels of estrogen and insulin than women with normal weight, and these two hormone levels are high in endometrial cancer. Risk factors.