Drinking more water helps urinate?

Why do people with high uric acid / gout need to drink more water?
Generally, patients with high uric acid and gout drink water in their daily lives. There are two main functions.

On the one hand, it can increase the blood volume of our body, make the blood circulation more smooth, increase the amount of urine, and accelerate the excretion of uric acid through the urine.

On the other hand, drinking water can strengthen our gastrointestinal function and promote the excretion of purines through stool. About 1/3 of urate is excreted from stool and sweat, and 2/3 is excreted from urine.

If the daily intake of water is insufficient, urination and defecation will decrease, resulting in a decrease in uric acid excretion and aggravating the condition. In addition, high uric acid has a higher risk of kidney stones and urinary stones. Drinking more water is also beneficial to prevent the formation of stones and promote the excretion of stones.

Uric acid drops fast, it is important to drink water correctly
The average daily urine output is 1500 ml. Our patients with high uric acid and gout have high levels of uric acid. Under the same renal function conditions, if they want to excrete more uric acid than normal people, they must expel more urine than normal people.

Therefore, we hope that the daily urine output of gout patients can reach more than 2000 ml. Therefore, it is recommended that gout patients drink more than 2000 ml of water a day. How much is 2000 ml? Approximately 4 bottles of mineral water.

Drinking water is best between meals, early morning and evening. Gout patients can drink a moderate amount of water before bedtime, but do not drink too much, so as not to affect sleep.

Finally, what are the options for gout patients to drink water?

How to choose gout drinking water? Come here!

The water suitable for gout patients should have the following two characteristics:

  1. Alkaline: helps to alkalinize urine, increase the solubility of uric acid, and help excrete uric acid in the body;
  2. No sugar: If there is a lot of sugar in the water, it will increase the risk of gout, so avoid choosing sugary drinks.

Therefore, boiled water is the first choice for gout patients. Because boiled water helps to excrete uric acid without causing other health problems.

In addition to boiling water, gout patients can also choose to drink soda, mineral water, and fresh tea.