Drinking oolong tea to improve hearing

The health benefits of tea have been well known, but drinking tea can protect hearing, and many people don’t understand it. The US Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging published a new study in Taiwan that found that middle-aged and elderly people often drink oolong tea to help maintain hearing.

Huang Junhao, an expert in otolaryngology at Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital in Taiwan, conducted a study involving 265 participants over 55 years of age with researchers from Jingyi University and Taiwan University Hospital. It was found that the PPS (the pitch of the central hearing sequence) of the oolong tea group was significantly higher than the other group before the other factors were adjusted.

The researchers excluded age, gender, waist circumference, smoking, drinking, drinking coffee, vitamin supplementation, chronic diseases and other factors. The oolong tea group’s ability to recognize sounds of different frequencies was significantly stronger than those of those who did not drink oolong tea. Tester. The new study also found that drinking oolong tea has a greater protective effect on male hearing than females. Although drinking oolong tea has a health-care effect on hearing, it is also too late. The amount of tea to drink per day is preferably 1-2 cups.