Drinking red wine often has good eyesight

As we all know, eating carrots is good for your eyes. But the UK NHS (British National Health Service) website reported that a new study in the UK found that drinking red wine is also good for vision and can prevent eye diseases in the future.

Dr. Millind Pender, the authoritative ophthalmologist at the University of Hull’s Vision Surgery Research Center, said that the key to drinking red wine is the resveratrol. This substance is a plant polyphenol in red wine and purple grapes that helps to prevent age-related eye muscle degeneration and thus prevent vision problems.

Dr. Pand analysis pointed out that resveratrol can prevent uncontrolled blood vessel growth in the eye. Continued growth of the ocular blood vessels can easily lead to age-related macular degeneration, which in turn leads to decreased vision. Age-related macular degeneration is the number one blindness factor in the UK, and people with diabetes are at greater risk of blindness. Resveratrol helps protect vision and helps prevent retinopathy in diabetic patients.

Dr. Pand said that in addition to red wine, foods rich in progesterone such as cabbage, broccoli and spinach also help to strengthen the eye muscles and protect eyesight.