Drinking soy milk can prevent fatty liver

A new study by researchers at the University of Illinois in the United States found that soy protein in soy milk (also found in soy products such as tofu) can reduce the accumulation of harmful fat in the liver. Scientists have found that milk and soy protein-containing foods have no difference in liver effects, but eating soy protein-containing foods can reduce liver fat accumulation by 20% compared to milk-based foods. In addition, the same level of decline in triglyceride (fat of healthy heart) has also occurred. This result shows that drinking soy milk helps prevent fatty liver.

Dr. Chen Hong, the head of the new research, pointed out that drinking soy milk to prevent fatty liver is because soy protein helps to repair a key signaling pathway involved in fat metabolism in the liver. Once this signal channel fails, the liver cannot metabolize excess fat, causing fat to accumulate and form fatty liver.