Drinking tea can improve gout

The problem of gout, let’s start with the culprit that causes ventilation-uric acid, which is the end product of a substance called “purine” in the body’s metabolism. Once uric acid is produced too much or cannot be excreted in time, it will appear ” “Hyperuricemia”, too much urate is easily deposited in joints, bones and urinary tract, etc., leading to gout and various other complications.

Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of gout, we must first establish a proper eating habit at the source. The recipe should mainly be low-purine foods, eat more low-fat, non-fat foods and vegetables, strictly limit the intake of seafood and meat, and ban beer And liquor.

“Drinking tea to improve gout” is not true, but it is true. Doctors usually recommend that gout patients drink plenty of water every day to ensure that the urine volume of the day is above 1500ml, preferably greater than 2000ml, which can facilitate more uric acid. Excreted with urine.

The tea we often drink is brewed with boiled water. The patients drink a lot of white water while tasting the clear fragrance of tea. A sufficient amount of water can promote the excretion of uric acid in the body, thereby preventing the formation and deposition of urate. Role.

No matter what tea gout patients drink, it will not affect uric acid. If you want to lower uric acid by drinking tea, don’t put too much hope on it. Although tea itself cannot prevent gout, drinking tea from gout patients is harmless, and drinking a large amount of tea is equivalent to drinking a lot of water, which is beneficial to gout and hyperuricemia patients. Diet management is the premise and foundation of gout treatment. If you want to cure gout, you must also perform professional treatment.