Eat egg yolks to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis

Egg yolk is the essence of a whole egg. It contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, and its protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B1, and B2 contents are several times higher than protein.

The essence is here! 2 nutrients specific to egg yolk

The biggest difference between the nutritional value of egg yolk and protein is the content of lecithin and cholesterol. These two nutrients are only found in egg yolk. Among them, lecithin can produce choline, which is closely related to brain function and has the effect of improving memory and preventing senile dementia. After being absorbed by the stomach, lecithin can also eliminate bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol.

Other nutrients like lutein, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. are also found in egg yolk. Vitamin A, B2, lutein and zeaxanthin can delay the aging of eyes.

Egg yolks contain vitamin D so eat osteoporosis

In addition, egg yolk is one of the few foods containing vitamin D, which can strengthen bones. Vitamin D is related to nerve conduction and muscle contraction in the human body. It also helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the digestive organs and maintains the concentration of calcium in the blood. It is an important nutrient that helps bones and teeth grow.

We can promote sufficient production of vitamin D in the body by exposure to sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes every day. It can also be ingested through diet, such as animal liver, egg yolk, dried mushrooms, milk, saury, salmon and cod liver oil. Dark green, red and yellow fruits and vegetables, such as papaya, mango, carrot, and tomato are also very rich.

Egg yolks rich in vitamin D can be paired with foods rich in calcium, which is most conducive to strengthening bones, such as seaweed egg soup, fried eggs and so on.

4 people should not eat too much

A person with one egg yolk a day is good for health, but those who have too high cholesterol, because of metabolic disorders, need to control cholesterol intake. It is more appropriate to eat an egg with egg yolk for 2 days. People with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease must also limit their cholesterol intake and not eat too much.