Eat less and move more but don’t see thin?

We know that exercise is a way to effectively burn calories, so it is also a healthy way to effectively lose weight, so many friends will take exercise to help them achieve their weight loss goals, but the problem will also follow, it is very hard The ground is moving, but it can’t be as thin as you expected. What’s the problem? In fact, there are many factors that affect the effectiveness of weight loss, and exercise is just one of them. Therefore, in the process of weight loss, we cannot just talk about exercise and ignore other factors. So what are these factors?

First: diet

We know that the effective way to lose weight is to create a calorie gap, that is, to ensure that daily calorie intake is less than calorie expenditure. So in this process, exercise just played a role in expanding calorie consumption, but did the expansion of calorie consumption make the overall calorie consumption greater than the calorie intake? Not necessarily, because it depends on what you eat, that is, whether to keep the calorie intake in a basically stable and not excessive state.

Therefore, to effectively lose weight, reasonable diet control must be a prerequisite. But does this mean that simply starting from calorie control can help us achieve weight loss? Yes, diet alone can also help us achieve weight loss without the participation of sports, but there is also a premise that the daily diet cannot be lower than the metabolic requirements. If the daily diet cannot meet the basic metabolic requirements, Lead to a decline in metabolism, and a decline in metabolism will lead to a reduction in daily calorie consumption, so it is likely to lead to a situation of eating less but not losing weight, because the reduced calorie consumption of basal metabolism is likely to reduce the calories Ingestion is offset, so overall, the caloric difference we want does not appear. Not only that, when the diet is restored, the basal metabolism cannot be immediately restored to the original state, which will cause a rapid rebound in body weight.

This is also true from the perspective of exercise. If excessive dieting leads to a decline in basal metabolism, even with the participation of exercise, the consumption can be expanded to a certain extent, but the expanded caloric consumption can make the reduced metabolic consumption very likely To offset it, so the desired calorie gap is also not realized, which will lead to eating less and moving without seeing weight loss. Therefore, to effectively lose weight, diet control is correct, but it cannot be controlled too much. Let the diet meet the needs of metabolism to ensure the basic stability of basal metabolism, and then on this basis, expand the calorie consumption through exercise. A heat gap is formed. So, how can you make your diet meet the needs of metabolism without overdoing it? In fact, it is not necessary to do a careful calculation of calories. It is enough to do it. This point is: diversify as much as possible and eat less (7.8 full).

Second: the movement itself

Although it can be said that exercise can effectively help us burn calories, it can only achieve good results. Therefore, we must maximize the effect of exercise. To maximize the effect of exercise, we need to be able to guarantee a certain amount of exercise time. Instead of finishing the exercise in a few minutes, under normal circumstances, if it is aerobic exercise time should be maintained at about 45 minutes. And if it is HIIT, we need to use our best efforts when we are done, not perfunctory.

In addition, in the choice of exercise methods, it is necessary to participate in strength training, because strength training can help us better retain and increase muscle content, and increasing muscle content is an effective means to improve basal metabolism, and improve basal metabolism It means an increase in daily calorie consumption. Therefore, if exercise is to be more effective, it should be separated from the comfort zone and ensure the quality of exercise. If time permits, combining strength training with aerobic exercise (strength first aerobic) is the ideal fat loss. Means of exercise.

Third: sleep

For people who lose weight, they can focus more on diet and exercise, and ignore other important factors, such as sleep. Although sleep does not directly help us burn calories, it affects the success of weight loss. The key factor. Because when there is insufficient sleep, the secretion of two hormones will be disturbed, these two hormones are leptin and hunger hormone. The normal secretion of leptin will help us pass the signal of fat storage to the brain, which will help us effectively suppress appetite, and it will help us to promote the breakdown of fat and make us thinner, while lack of sleep will cause leptin secretion. Fall, so it makes us very thin.

Hunger hormones send a signal of hunger to the brain to increase our appetite and eat more. So when sleep is inadequate, hunger hormones are secreted too much, so that we eat more food, which leads to excessive calorie intake and failure to lose weight. In other words, in order to lose weight effectively, ensuring adequate and good sleep habits is as important as diet and exercise. Therefore, in our daily life, we must develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and do not stay up late.

Fourth: Persist

Doing anything to achieve a certain result is always inseparable from long-term adherence, and of course weight loss is no exception. So we need to set ourselves long-term and feasible weight loss goals and stick to them for a long time. Then, in order to make yourself better adhere to, it must be reasonable and feasible in the formulation of goals. If an infeasible goal is set, it will lose its confidence and give up action because the goal can be completed. On the contrary, the goal is feasible, it will produce a strong sense of accomplishment when the goal is completed, and this sense of achievement will form the motivation to continue one step.

Therefore, do not set goals for yourself that you ca n’t reach, such as the goal of reducing dozens of pounds or even tens of pounds a month, but instead set goals that are challenging but can be achieved through hard work, such as one month. Lose 3-5 pounds. In summary, if you want to effectively lose weight in all aspects, if you summarize it in one sentence, you should develop good living and exercise habits and stick to it for a long time.