Eat more black beans to iron

Black beans became the first food in the world to be reported to be able to directly supplement iron. Related paper “Black Soybean Extract Extracts the Expression of Hepcidin”, published recently in the famous international nutrition journal “British Nutrition Journal”, provides a new concept for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency and inflammatory anemia.

There is a “iron housekeeper” in the human body.

Last year, a study conducted by Wang Fuzhen’s research team on more than 2,000 middle-aged and older women found that anemia patients carry an “anemia gene” compared to the normal population. “The inhibition of this gene on Hepcidin (Hepcidin) Poor ability, so people with such “anemia genes” are prone to anemia.”

The so-called hepcidin is a kind of molecule produced by the human liver. It is the “iron butler” in the human body. Like Wang Xifeng, it savvyly “masters” the metabolism of human iron.

However, if a person develops inflammation, etc., the “iron butler” will be excessively “active”, but the opposite situation will occur: causing a decrease in iron in the blood, thereby limiting the synthesis of red blood cells, leading to anemia.

Liver, drug iron is risky

The probability of population suffering from anemia in China is higher than that in Western countries. Among the people with anemia, women are significantly higher than men, and the elderly and children are higher than the young and middle-aged.

What if you have iron deficiency anemia? Do you eat animal liver or iron supplements?

Wang Fuzhen said that animal liver is a very popular iron supplement because of its high iron content. However, excessive use of animal internal organs can lead to many other diseases such as type 2 diabetes. At present, there is also a means to treat iron deficiency anemia, using iron supplement, but this chemical form of iron supplementation will further increase the level of “iron butler” in the body, limit the therapeutic effect, and look at the body iron More, in fact, the palliative is not a cure.

In particular, elderly people with anemia do not advocate iron supplementation with iron supplements. “In many disease-depleting diseases, iron is enriched. At this time, iron supplementation may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Don’t throw black bean skin

“Medicine and food homology” is the Chinese medical treasure under the precipitation for thousands of years. We know that many black foods are considered to have blood-supplying effects. The members of the Wang Fuzhen team began to verify the blood-supplying effect of “black five foods” one by one. Black sesame seeds, black fungus, black dates, and black rice were tried one by one, and the effect was not obvious. When the experimental mice ate the feed containing the broken black bean skin for one week, the hematopoietic function of the mice was significantly improved.

“It seems that black beans have a miraculous effect on the treatment of anemia.” This phenomenon suggests a certain relationship between black beans and the “iron butler” of the human body. This also confirms the record of the “National Chinese Herbal Medicine Compilation”: Black beans are used as seed coats to nourish blood and hurricanes. It is used in the clinical treatment of yin deficiency, night sweats, blood cold, anemia, etc.

In the in vitro cell level experiment, the research team found that the extract of black bean peas can effectively inhibit the activity of hepcidin. Further animal experiments confirmed that the black soybean hull extract promoted iron mobilization in the small intestine, liver and spleen, and significantly increased the serum iron level of the body.

Wang Fuzhen also reminded everyone that if you want to supplement iron by eating black beans, the most important thing is not to peel, because most of the active ingredients are in black bean skin. “Like I drink some black soy milk every day, I have to use whole beans to squeeze.”