Eat more melon without fatty liver

How can we not have fatty liver? First of all, do not drink for a long time. Chinese medicine believes that alcohol can be hot and humid, and people who drink too much will affect digestive function. If you have fatty liver, you must ban alcohol.

The second one is when we order food, we want to vegan it. If you have fatty liver, those elbows, back-cooked meats, braised pork or whatever. I often tell my patients that if you have fatty liver, you are normal to go home to eat. Eat more high-protein foods at home, such as chicken and rabbit meat. There are also fish meat, soy products and winter melon. Here I specifically talk about winter melon. Chinese medicine believes that it has the effects of clearing away heat, dampness, and diuresis, and can take away the heat and some metabolites in your body. Therefore, I hope that everyone will eat more melon, especially patients with fatty liver, eat more melon, clearing away heat and dampness, and will help the fatty liver caused by dampness and heat.

The third one is sports overweight, you can’t drive without driving. A lot of entertainment is now in the evening, so what you eat and drink stays in your body for a long time. I suggest that by changing the entertainment to noon, it is impossible to drink too much alcohol and not eat too long because you have to work in the afternoon. How do you exercise? I recommend walking for an hour every day. After the evening entertainment, drunk driving is a big problem, at this time you might as well walk home. The above three points are done, and there is no problem in preventing fatty liver.