Eat tomatoes to eat slowly

Among the tomatoes we eat every day, the most different from other vegetables and fruits is the lycopene. Many people say that tomatoes must be fried and eaten. In fact, it is not so proud.

Lycopene is a phytochemical that inhibits the production of free radicals or directly scavenges free radicals. Its antioxidant capacity is about 10 times that of vitamin E. It is the most potent nutrient in natural carotenoids. One. Even studies have shown that lycopene is very helpful in preventing prostatitis. Lycopene is not only found in tomatoes, but also in many red foods, such as watermelons and red grapefruits.

Although lycopene in tomato is a fat-soluble vitamin, it needs fat to promote the absorption of lycopene, but it is not necessary to fry the tomato to ensure the absorption of lycopene, as long as we have fat in this meal. The intake can be, or it can be no more than two hours with the last meal. This is because the final place of digestion and absorption of food is our small intestine, not in our mouth or stomach. All the food we eat is eventually digested and absorbed into the small intestine. As long as there is fat in our small intestine, it can promote the absorption of lycopene.

When eating tomatoes, try to chew slowly and make the cell wall completely destroyed, so as to fully absorb the lycopene inside. I recommend to everyone the simplest way to eat, that is to do tomato honey juice, this method can not only maximize the retention of vitamin C in tomatoes, but also allow the body to absorb more lycopene. The method is also very simple. Wash and cut the tomatoes, stir them in a cooking machine, then add a spoonful of honey to taste, and finally add a few drops of olive oil.