Eat your favorite food to make your face more rosy

Sometimes, hi doesn’t like to eat something, your face will tell others. According to a recent report by the Japan News Service, a joint study by the Tokyo Institute of Technology and Hiroshima University found that it is possible to test whether food is delicious by investigating changes in facial blood flow. The results of the study have been published in the British academic journal Chemical Perception.

Professor Lin Zhiheng from Tokyo Institute of Technology and Professor Hiroshima Hideaki from Hiroshima University designed a test to allow 15 men and women to taste a few orange juice, French broth, bitter tea, coffee, Chilean spicy sauce and white water. Drinks, and then let the participants evaluate the taste of the drinks in 11 levels, and measured the blood flow and blood pressure changes in the face of the participants. The results showed that if the participants thought that something was more palatable, the blood flow in the eyelids increased by 14%, and the complexion looked more rosy; if the taste was not good, the blood vessels in the nose and forehead contracted. About 4%.

Lin valuehen said that patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (commonly known as gradual freezing) and patients with muscular dystrophy have difficulty in language expression. The results of this test are expected to be applied to these people in the future, and the changes in the patient’s facial condition can be achieved. To provide food that the other person likes.