Eating black beans with skin to improve anemia

A study by scientists found that black bean extract can enhance the body’s absorption of iron. Eating black beans with skin can improve the symptoms of anemia. At the same time, this study provides a new way to develop safe and effective drugs to treat anemia.

The research results came from the team of Professor Wang Fu from the School of Public Health of Zhejiang University. They found that the blood-supplying effect of the black bean extract was achieved by acting on the “iron-modulin” in the human body.

“After the experiment, we found that black beans have the effect of significantly improving anemia.” Wang Fu said that in the in vitro cell level experiment, black bean extract can effectively inhibit the activity of hepcidin, while in animal experiments, mice eat After one week of broken black bean skin, the hematopoietic function was significantly improved. During the diet, the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit (a measure of erythrocyte increase or decrease) increased significantly.

The research papers of this research were published in the famous journal of international nutrition, British Journal of Nutrition. Black beans became the first food reported in the world that can directly inhibit hepcidin.