Eating broccoli helps prevent arthritis

Researchers at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom reported on the 28th that this compound called sulforaphane would inhibit an enzyme that causes joint inflammation, slowing cartilage damage and relieving joint pain. Radish sulphate is commonly found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, and its content in broccoli is particularly rich. Animal experiments have shown that rats fed a diet rich in radish sulfur are more likely to develop arthritis and cartilage damage than other mice.

Previous studies have found that sulforaphane has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory effects, this study for the first time found that it is also beneficial to joint health. Here are two recommended broccoli practices:

1.Creamy Broccoli Soup

Ingredients: fresh broccoli, onion, cream, butter, flour
Seasoning: salt, pepper, chicken soup

(1) Broccoli goes to the roots and changes the knife into pieces;
(2) Add the onion musmin with butter, add broccoli and chicken broth, and boil over high heat;
(3) Saute the flour with butter, add to the soup, thicken the soup, add salt and pepper to taste;
(4) Crush the soup with the pulverizer and smash it again, boil it in the pan, add the cream, and fill the basin.
Efficacy: kidney filling, spleen and stomach, strong bones and muscles.

2.Broccoli fried shrimp

Ingredients: 8 shrimps, 1 broccoli
Seasoning: a little salt, soy sauce 5 ml, starch 2 g, garlic 1 petal, vegetable oil amount

(1) Remove the broccoli from the thick stems and choose a small flower; the shrimps are marinated with soy sauce, starch, and chopped with garlic;
(2) Inject a proper amount of water into the pot, add a little salt after boiling, put the broccoli into it, and remove it after ripening;
(3) Pour a little oil into the pot. After the garlic and shrimp are stir-fried, add the broccoli and stir well to serve.

Efficacy: Shrimp is rich in protein and calcium. Broccoli also has the effect of tonifying the kidney, filling the spleen and stomach. Indications for long illness, physical weakness, spleen and stomach weakness and pediatric developmental delay and other diseases.