Eating carrots in autumn and winter is better than ginseng!

Carrot is a relatively common ingredient in life. Some people call it “small ginseng”, and some people call it “ammuth”, a small carrot with attractive taste, brilliant color and sufficient nutrients. A food that is recommended for everyone to eat. Especially at this stage, it is the time of every household, especially in the northern region, and carrots are one of them. How to eat carrots in autumn and winter, how to eat healthier? How to match health? You can still know something about some things by relying on carrots.

In the autumn and winter, carrots are better than ginseng. What are the benefits of eating carrots?
Carrots, in general, are diverse and rich in nutrients. The carotenoids, sugars, vitamins B2, and celluloids contained in the carrots are also remarkable. Eating often helps the body’s nutrients balance.

Supplement nutrients to combat related nutrient deficiencies:
Or carotene, or cellulosic substances, this is the relatively lack of intake of nutrients, and often eat carrots can be high-quality supplements, which has a good preventive effect on constipation, dry eye and other issues.

Promote skin health:
The intake of carotene can help the skin to inhibit the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, and also has a positive effect on the inhibition of wrinkles, which helps to increase the health of the skin.

Eyesight and eyesight promote eye health:
Please be clear, if the body is largely deficient in β-carotene, it will increase the risk of eye blindness; at the same time, carotene is also a “vitamin A original”, and long-term lack of vitamin A will increase the risk of dry eye. Because of this, eating carrots often can be used to supplement carotene, which has a positive effect on eye health.

Maintain intestinal health and ensure the smooth metabolism of the intestines:
Carrots contain a certain amount of cellulosic substances, which has a good preventive effect on the intestinal tract, constipation and other problems that often occur in modern people. The intake of crude fiber can promote intestinal metabolism and prevent constipation. Eating carrots can be effectively supplemented.

Which ingredients are used with carrots to eat healthier?
Carrot + Beef:
A common dish in a vegetarian diet, a wonderful combination of beef and carrots, delicious and tempting, and well-fed.

Regular consumption of this dish can be supplemented with nutrients such as protein and carotene, which can be effectively supplemented for the body.

Carrot + fungus + onion:
The three colors are beautiful with vegetables. This can be said to be a typical gourmet food in vegetarian dishes. The color is attractive and the taste is high and chewy. It can make up for the problem of insufficient intake of vegetables for many people.

Carrot + egg + green pepper:
A combination of two ingredients, ingenious ingredients, protein, vitamins, minerals, plant pigments and other substances, sufficient oil, less oil, has to be said to be a healthy and delicious dishes.

Some things to pay attention to when eating carrots:
Although it contains fat-soluble vitamins, it does not have to be fried with oil. You can cook it because you also have fat in your body.
It is recommended that you steam the carrots and use them as a staple food.
Although carrots are good, eat them in moderation. Eating too much may turn your skin yellow.
Food intake and nutrition, balanced nutrition.
Carrots, good ingredients, color, delicious and nutritious coexistence, it is recommended to eat often, eat more at the time of autumn and winter. I hope to promote your health with a warm and beautiful carrot.