Eating staple foods this way has been more than half successful!

Staple food can be described as the key to the success of weight loss. You must not eat or eat more. How to eat to lose weight?

Today, I have exhausted my whole life and made you a dry food of staple food. Today, the knowledge is very dense and the amount of information is great. It is better to understand by looking at pictures and texts. . .

01Why eat staple food?

Weight loss must not eat staple foods. The carbohydrates in staple foods are the main source of energy for our body, especially for the brain, and need glucose in carbon water.

Although ultra-low-carb diets can bring short-term weight loss, they can cause even greater harm. For example, hair loss, rough and dull skin, memory loss, anemia, aunts not coming, even ketosis, even rotten apple smell on breathing.

Weight loss is to be more beautiful and healthier. If health and beauty are gone, why not?

Therefore, staple food must be eaten to lose weight, but how and how much to eat is very particular about it!

02What are the staple foods?

The staple foods we are talking about mainly include cereals, miscellaneous beans, and yam.

Cereals refer to rice, wheat, brown rice, oats, rye, corn, millet, buckwheat, barley, etc., which are commonly used cereals and coarse grains.

Miscellaneous beans refer to all dried beans except soybeans, black beans, and green beans, because they belong to the soybean category, such as red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, and so on.

Yam refers to things like taro, yam, potato, sweet potato, purple potato, cassava and so on.

In addition, there are some high-starch vegetables and seeds that can also be classified as staple foods.

03 How much do you eat?

How much the staple food eats is directly related to the success of weight loss.

For girls, we generally recommend 1200-1500kcal calories, of which carbohydrates account for 50-60%.

As can be seen from the table, according to the matching of eight types of foods in nutrition, taking a budget calorie of 1300 kcal as an example, you can eat 6 servings of staple food and one serving is 90 kcal.

I ca n’t read the above table, right? It doesn’t matter. The principle of the food exchange method is inherently difficult. I only learned it through a thick book. You don’t need to understand, you just need to convert according to the table.

Below I will tell you how much you can eat for different staple foods, which are also 90 kcal. After learning, you can freely mix and match and eat more easily.

04How to eat different staples?


Cereals with low moisture content, such as dried cereals, dried noodles, and dried noodles, are calculated as 90 kcal per 25 g of calories, and are interchangeable.

And like steamed buns, rice, and corn, because of the water, the natural calories are relatively low, and you can eat more.

25g dried rice, oatmeal, vermicelli

35g buns and whole wheat bread are so much

80g rice and sweet corn is so much

Mixed beans

Dried mixed beans are very simple, whether it is pure beans or flour noodles, each 25g is 90 kcal.

There are so many dried 25g red beans

Potato and high starch vegetables

The remaining potato and high-starch vegetables are relatively troublesome because they have different water contents and large differences in calories. Taro and yam like potatoes and taro are eaten in large quantities.

85g purple potato, 100g sweet potato, 160g hair taro, 25g vermicelli, 100g chestnut pumpkin

Note: The gram weight mentioned here must be the weight of the part that can be eaten directly, excluding parts such as corn cob and taro skin. If you cook your own porridge, it’s just dry weight, because water has no calories.

Choosing staple foods during weight loss, mixed beans are the first choice, high protein, high fiber and low GI; secondly, grains and coarse grains are rich in vitamins and minerals; finally, potatoes and taro and high-starch vegetables are selected for better thickness and nutrition .

Let ’s take a budget of 1300 calories as an example to arrange a staple food for you for a day.

Staple food arrangement with a budget of 1,300 kcal

6 staples, two for each of three meals

Breakfast: 2 whole wheat breads (one and a half), 35 * 2 = 70g

Lunch: 2 servings of rice (large bowl), 80 * 2 = 160g

Dinner: 2 servings of mixed beans 25 * 2 = 50g, 300g of mixed bean porridge (one bowl)

In summary, you must eat staple foods to lose weight, preferably miscellaneous beans and miscellaneous grains, and control the amount of thickness and weight, which is both nutritious and healthy, wonderful!