Eating sweet potatoes in autumn is healthy and delicious

In the autumn food, everyone will not miss the sweet potato, which has extremely high nutritional value and delicious taste. But eating sweet potatoes is also very particular. Today we will come together to see how sweet potato is healthy and delicious.

1, sweet potatoes should not be eaten raw

Because the cell membrane of starch in raw sweet potato is not destroyed by high temperature, it is difficult to digest in human body. At the same time, when cooking sweet potato, the cooking time should be extended appropriately, so that the “gasification enzyme” contained in sweet potato is destroyed. After eating, there will be no feeling of discomfort such as bloating, heartburn, snoring, nausea, and exhaust.

2, sweet potato mix well

If the sweet potato and rice noodles are eaten together, it can also complement the protein; if you mix it with pickles or fresh radishes at the same time, you can reduce the production of stomach acid.

3, sweet potato is best to eat at noon

This is because after we have finished the sweet potato, the calcium contained in it needs to be absorbed in the human body for 4 to 5 hours, and the afternoon sunlight can promote the absorption of calcium. In this case, eating sweet potatoes at lunch, calcium can be absorbed before dinner, will not affect the absorption of calcium in other foods at dinner.

4, try not to eat on an empty stomach

Eating sweet potatoes on an empty stomach, the chance of acid reflux and heartburn is high, because sweet potato itself contains relatively high carbohydrates, has a certain degree of sweetness, and increases the possibility of reflux.

5, sweet potatoes and too sweet things to eat together

The sweet potato itself is sweet. If you add a sweet tooth to eat at this time, the possibility of reflux will double, so sweet potato should try not to eat with too sweet things.