Eating vegetarian can lower blood sugar?

Diet control is a crucial part of diabetes treatment. In fact, in the end, it is mainly to control the total calories per day. This has also led many people with diabetes to think that they can control their blood sugar as long as they are vegetarian.

Indeed, in general, most vegetarian calories are far lower than meat, but this does not mean that eating vegetarian food can lower blood sugar, eating meat will raise blood sugar, because food can raise blood sugar, you need to look at another indicator. : The glycemic index of food.

The glycemic index of food is affected by many factors. Generally speaking, it is mainly related to the composition of food. For example, the glycemic index in natural foods is relatively low, and after processing, the glycemic index of food may change. .

In addition, if the starch content of food is relatively high, excessive consumption will still lead to elevated blood sugar. For example, the following two common vegetarian diets, although not containing high fat, but the ability to raise blood sugar can not be underestimated:

1, starchy vegetarian

The starch content in vegetarian diet is a major factor affecting blood sugar fluctuations. Therefore, in daily diet, if sugar friends often eat a lot of vegetarian foods with high starch content, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, steamed buns, etc., it is easy to cause blood sugar fluctuations.

Although the above-mentioned vegetarian starch content can not be compared with the main food such as rice (starch content of 70%), it is easy to raise blood sugar when consumed in large quantities at one time.

It is recommended that diabetics eat moderate amounts of foods with starch content and reduce the intake of staple foods for the day (for example, 50 grams of white rice can be replaced with 200 grams of sweet potatoes and potatoes, which is good for breakfast or dinner) and control the total calories of the day.

How to eat the sugar is the weakest potato: the potato contains a kind of RS2 anti-digestive starch, this starch can not be digested by the body, so it will not cause blood sugar to rise. RS2 will be lost during the cooking of the potatoes, but after the cooling, new anti-digestive starch will be formed, so the potatoes are suitable for cooling. In the same way, sweet potato, taro and other foods with high starch content, it is recommended that the sugar friends should cool down and eat.

2, tofu skin

Bean products are actually common vegetarian dishes, and are also one of the best choices for diabetic friends to supplement high-quality protein. But this does not mean that sugar friends can eat all the soy products as they like. Some soy products have extremely high calories.

For example, tofu skin, tofu skin is a layer of oil film formed by deep processing of beans. The Chinese Dietary Nutrition Guide records that each 100 grams of bean curd contains 300 kilocalories (116 kilocalories per 100 grams of rice). ), for diabetic friends, excessive intake of tofu skin, in fact, it is easy to raise blood sugar.

It is not advisable to eat only vegetarian food. If you want to control your blood sugar, you only need a combination of nutrients and nutrients. At the same time, you should choose foods with low glycemic index and control the total calories of the day to benefit diabetic patients. In addition, patients should strictly follow the doctor’s advice to take the drug, can not arbitrarily reduce or increase the amount of drug use, so as not to delay the disease.