Ginger skin helps treat hot knot constipation

In the winter, the number of patients with colds and constipation has increased. Is there a food that can solve the problems of these two diseases? Recently, Weibo’s “constipation to eat ginger skin, eating cold ginger” seems to find the answer to this question, but Chinese medicine experts do not think so, if you make a mistake, it may be counterproductive!

This Weibo mentions: Jiang has the saying that “the ginger skin is cool, and the ginger skin is hot”. If you have constipation, bad breath, oral ulcers and other “hot” symptoms in your body, it is best to eat only ginger skin, which can not only play the role of ginger skin, but also avoid “fueling on fire.” However, if you have a cold and cold, you want to drink brown sugar and ginger water to alleviate the symptoms. Ginger is best to peel the skin and eat only ginger meat to facilitate sweating.

In this regard, Wang Yuanzhang, deputy director of the Department of Anorectal Surgery of Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, said that Chinese medicine believes that ginger skin is indeed beneficial to the effect of water swelling, and is generally used to treat edema and dysfunction. In theory, patients with hot constipation who have symptoms such as dry stool, abdominal fullness, dry mouth and bad breath are more suitable for the treatment of ginger skin, because “Jiangpi Xinji” has been recorded in the “Medical Forest”, but ginger The skin is mainly caused by wind and skin heat, and the heat evil in the anorectal area is generally treated with other traditional Chinese medicines, such as cassia tea. Therefore, the term “constipation to eat ginger skin” does not apply to constipation such as deficient cold, qi deficiency, and blood deficiency. Even patients with hot constipation do not apply if the symptoms are severe.

So is the practice of “cold eating cold and eating ginger” correct? Xia Gongxu, deputy director of the hospital’s untreated department, said that the “Ginger Brown Sugar Water” commonly used by ordinary people is reasonable when it comes to preventing colds and colds. Because of the warmth of ginger, its unique “gingering hormone” can make blood vessels dilate and blood circulation. Speed ​​up, and then achieve the effect of cold. It should be pointed out that this method is suitable for the prevention and treatment of patients with early cold and cold, but it is not suitable for patients with moderate or severe cold. Because ginger is mainly used to solve the problem, the sweating effect is weak, and it is often used in combination with ephedra and cassia twigs to enhance the sweating power. As for whether it is necessary to peel the skin to have the effect of repelling cold, it may not be the case. It is only that the effect is better after peeling, and the overall impact is not great.