How can uric acid be high without drinking beer or eating seafood?

How can uric acid be high without drinking beer or eating seafood? The probability of developing kidney disease is increasing.
Some patients will ask, I don’t smoke or drink, nor eat seafood, how is uric acid so high?

High uric acid is the “fourth high” emerging after the “high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat”. Normally, the uric acid content in the human body has always been in a “dynamic equilibrium” state, but if it is generated If the amount is too much and the amount is too low, it will cause “hyperuricemia.”

Many of us know that about 10% of patients with high uric acid develop gout, but few people know that as uric acid levels rise, the probability of developing kidney disease increases.

When uric acid is at a high level, urate can precipitate crystals. When crystals are deposited in the kidneys, kidney stones can form, and even renal tubules can be blocked to cause kidney damage.

The main cause of hyperuricemia is increased or decreased uric acid production, and studies have found that sputum metabolism disorder is the main cause of elevated uric acid.

In addition to medical treatment, it is also important to “control your mouth” and know how to eat. Patients who are usually hyperuricemia will be told a low-calorie diet, quit smoking, drink alcohol, and drink plenty of water.

In addition, these two kinds of foods are equally “harmful!”

1, animal internal organs

Affected by the “shape-complement”, many people think that eating glutinous rice can help the kidneys. In fact, animal internal organs such as animal liver and kidney are all sorghum foods. According to 100g, duck liver contains 301.5 mg, chicken liver contains 293.5 mg, and pig small intestine contains 262.2 mg.

Once the intake is excessive, it will increase uric acid and even cause complications. In clinical practice, there is no such thing as “shape-complementing”.

2, broth

Many people think that soup is the essence, nutrition is better than ingredients! However, for patients with high uric acid, the incorrect method of soup and soup can not only save the students, but cause great trouble.

Usually in the soup, put chicken or duck or pork, beef and mutton in a saucepan, then add some medicinal soup (such as angelica, medlar, red dates, etc.), simmer for 2 hours, and the soup is delicious. It is mouth watering.

The main ingredient in the animal food we eat is muscle fiber. In this muscle fiber, in addition to a large amount of protein and water, there is a nucleus, and the nucleus contains a large amount of strontium. In the process of simmering, most of the nutrients such as protein remain in the meat, but the cockroach in the meat dissolves in the meat. Inside the soup.

100g of pork contains mg130mg, while 100g of pork soup contains 500mg, so the soup does not eat meat, although the meat is eaten less, but the meat is not eaten, the uric acid is naturally high.

Regarding how to avoid uric acid patients, here is a song:

Do not eat seafood and offal,

Don’t drink or drink soup,

Eat less livestock and fish,

Fruit and vegetable milk supplement nutrition,

Keep your mouth shut, open your legs,

Reduce weight loss and drink plenty of water.

Food to avoid

Animal internal organs: such as pig liver, pig kidney, beef liver and so on.
Shelled seafood: such as oysters, lobsters, hazelnuts, scallops, etc.
Thick broth and gravy: such as chicken soup, fish soup, pork ribs soup, etc.
Need to limit the food you eat

Animal foods with high strontium content: such as beef, lamb, pork, etc.
Fish food: such as grass carp, yellow croaker, and octopus.
Foods containing fructose-containing sucrose: such as honey, preserved fruit, cakes, sweet drinks, and the like.
Alcoholic beverages: such as beer, white wine, yellow wine.
Choose recommended food

Low-fat milk and dairy products: such as low-fat milk, goat’s milk, yogurt, etc.
Eggs: eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, goose eggs, etc.
Fresh vegetables: more than 500g per day, choose more vegetables such as cucumber, melon and other water.
Staple food mix: such as millet, oatmeal, brown rice, etc., and fine white rice, noodles to eat.
Adequate drinking water: 2000-3000ml per day, evenly distributed throughout the day, boiled water is best.
At the same time, obese people also need to lose weight and control energy intake. Maintaining normal body weight helps stabilize blood uric acid. Choose mild aerobic exercise, such as tai chi, jogging, brisk walking and other aerobics programs, more than half an hour a day, after which you can gradually increase your exercise time.