How do small tomatoes need to be eaten to be more nutritious?

Small tomatoes, we are also called cherries or small tomatoes. The small tomato is small in size and nutritious. It has been popular in recent years and its price has soared. What does it have to do with tomatoes? Is it genetically modified food? Is it cooked and nutritious? Or is it raw and nutritious? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian!

What is the nutritional value of small tomatoes?

Beauty, anti-aging

Freshly cooked tomatoes are smashed and juiced with a little sugar, and the surface is coated with it every day to make the skin smooth and delicate, and the beauty anti-aging effect is excellent;

Treating hypertension

Every morning, choose 1 or 2 freshly cooked tomatoes to eat with empty stomach and sugar, and the blood pressure lowering effect is obvious;

Treating anemia

One tomato and one apple, 15 grams of sesame seeds, once eaten, eat 1 or 2 times a day, long-term adherence, can cure anemia;


Take a spoonful of tomato diced, celery, carrots, lard and half a spoon, mix well with boiling glutinous rice porridge, add salt, MSG in moderation, excellent effect on the treatment of hepatitis.

Is the virgin fruit a genetically modified food?

In fact, it was developed from the original cherry tomato, and agronomists have tried to combine the fine cherries of the traits with conventional hybrids to obtain the sacred fruit, which can be done by crossing. Why bother to transfer genes from other species to tomatoes? Fan Zhihong, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, said, “At present, there is no vegetable or fruit in China that is genetically modified. Regardless of the color and size, most of them are varieties obtained by traditional breeding methods. Non-traditional products are products such as big green peppers that are brought to the ground, but this has nothing to do with genetic modification. So, this statement that the virgin fruit is genetically modified is wrong.

Raw or cooked?

It is a topic that many people are arguing about whether a saint fruit or a tomato is eaten raw or cooked. Those who advocate raw food think that raw food can well retain vitamin C and other relatively fragile nutrients; those who advocate cooked foods suggest that high temperature will convert lycopene, the release amount can be increased by 5 times, and the oil added in cooking is also Conducive to the absorption of fat-soluble lycopene.

In fact, the two ways of eating are good for the human body. There is no difference between them. If you must find the best of both worlds, you can choose to juice the saint or tomato to help absorb the lycopene. Or eat some foods that contain oils and fats, and increase the absorption rate, such as drinking a cup of milk or eating some nuts. It has been experimentally concluded that tomato juice and milk drink together, and the absorption rate of lycopene is increased. 2 times, this method can be said to be two-pronged.