How do you eat the passion fruit?

Passion fruit is a rich fruit that is rich in 165 compounds and therefore constitutes a special aroma. Passion fruit is rich in amino acids, multivitamins, carotenoids, superoxide dismutase (SOD), selenium and various trace elements required by the human body. It is also known as the king of VC in fruits. So, what should the passion fruit eat? What is the correct way to eat?

First, eat directly

Cut the passion fruit and cut it out with a spoon and eat it directly (the seed is edible, rich in high-protein, high-grade fat).

Second, made into juice

Practice 1: Take a passion fruit, cut it, pour the pulp into the cup with a spoon, add 200ml of water, add a little sugar to adjust the sweetness, stir to get a cup of color, aroma, good taste of the nutritious juice. If you use a juicer for a few seconds, the effect is better. Use ice water in the summer, warm water in the winter, and add a few drops of honey for a better flavor.

Practice 2: Scrape out the flesh and seeds, put in the cup, add Coke Sprite, a little ice is better.

Third, with bread

The scraped flesh and seeds are mixed with honey and smeared on the cake and bread. The sweet and sour taste is much better than the average jam.