How long does it take for meat to be eaten in the refrigerator? More than this time will deteriorate, it is best not to eat.

The refrigerator is a very common thing in every family. After all, we can’t finish it now or some of the ingredients have to be stored in the refrigerator. But the things in the refrigerator will not break? In fact, things in the refrigerator will also be broken, such as pork. So how long does it take to put pork in the refrigerator? Expert: More than this time will become “zombie meat.”

First of all, we have to understand why pork is also bad in the refrigerator, because the refrigerator itself may have problems. Many household refrigerators will not be replaced once they are bought, so there is such a problem that the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator will be worse and will not reach the temperature we want.

There is also a refrigerator used to inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms, but it cannot end the reproduction of microorganisms. So after a long time, the microbes will still become a lot, which will cause the pork to deteriorate. There is also a refrigerator door that always turns off, and the effect of closing it is not very good.

And meat such as pork, in the refrigerator, moisture will continue to be lost. Even if the meat itself does not have any special changes, the taste will become very bad. It can be said that the meat will become very bad, and it will feel very firewood, not like the feeling of meat.

So how long does it take for meat to be kept in the refrigerator? Meat such as pork can not be stored for more than six months. This is lean meat. If it is fat, it cannot be more than three months. If it is a fish and shrimp, then it can not be more than a month.

So the pork in the refrigerator can’t be eaten for more than three to six months. Because even in the refrigerator, these meats will gradually deteriorate.