How many years ago did you stop smoking and your lungs might return to normal? How long does it take to quit smoking?

Smoking is harmful to health, which is a slogan that many people know. However, in daily life, there are still many people smoking, and many men may have a history of smoking, but some people smoke less, and some people are unscrupulous… smoking hurts, the first one is hurt. The lungs, the nicotine, tar and other harmful substances in the cigarette will first reach the lungs, causing damage to other parts slowly.

Just as it is easy to go down the mountain, smoking is easy to quit smoking! Because people who smoke regularly may have a cigarette addiction, they have to smoke when they are guilty of smoking. It is difficult to succeed in smoking in time. However, as many people’s health awareness has gradually increased, and they have learned the idea of ​​smoking cessation after smoking, this is a very good phenomenon. So, how many years ago, when you quit smoking, your lungs may return to normal? How long does it take to quit smoking? I can see it at a glance.

How many years ago, when you quit smoking, your lungs may slowly return to normal?

Our body has a certain ability to heal itself. For the lungs, the ability to purify is relatively strong. The younger the lung, the stronger the ability to purify the lungs. On the contrary, the older the blood, the lower the blood circulation and metabolism, the lower the ability of the lungs to purify, so it is better to quit smoking.

In general, our lungs will slowly decline after the age of 35, which means that before the age of 35, the ability to purify the lungs is still relatively strong, for the toxins and garbage brought by smoking. , still can slowly excrete it. Those who smoke regularly, it is recommended that you start smoking cessation as early as possible in the age of 30-35, and the lungs may slowly return to normal. The older you are, the greater the cravings will be, the quit smoking is difficult, and the lungs return to normal. The possibility will also be smaller.

So, how long does it take to quit smoking?

Some of the ideas of quitting smoking are of course good, but many people will also have a question: How long do I need to quit smoking to be a complete quit smoking success? Quitting smoking can be a very confusing and painful thing without a clear time limit. In fact, this issue also varies from person to person. The most important thing is how long it takes to quit smoking, rather than how long it takes to stop smoking.

In fact, from the moment you start not touching the smoke, it is already the first step towards success. The reason why some people will be confused is because in the process of quitting smoking, there will also be some withdrawal reaction, when the body The amount of harmful substances such as nicotine is reduced, and people are likely to have an anxiety mentality. Many people will satisfy their appetite by eating, and may be slightly fatter, but this is temporary. If you can persist for 3 months without smoking, the psychological changes will also have a big change; if you can persist for one year without smoking, and never relapse, smoking cessation will be basically successful!

The so-called “smoking a day, stop smoking for life”. In the end, it is difficult to stick to the word! As long as you insist on not smoking, ten years of persistence, because even an accidental relapse idea may remind you of the memory associated with smoking, and relapse is not a success.

Here, I also want to remind everyone that it is not their own complete smoking cessation that will help the recovery of the lungs and the health of the body. The threat of physical health in “second-hand smoke” is not to be underestimated. Still inhaling a lot of smoke, and the harmful substances such as carbon monoxide in these smokes are not low, in fact, it is no different from smoking! Therefore, if you want your lungs to be healthy and healthy, you should not only quit smoking as early as possible, but also keep away from secondhand smoke.