How to sleep without insomnia

Insomnia is small, but it hurts people a lot, both physically and mentally. It will not only reduce people’s immunity, induce headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease, hyperlipidemia, senile dementia and other diseases; it will also make people feel drowsy all day, especially easy to forget things. Some people are lethargic all day, some are nervous, and when they encounter something that is not satisfactory, they are angry and have a bad relationship with the people around them, which are all related to insomnia.

Traditional Chinese medicine refers to insomnia as “unconsciousness”, most of which are related to the failure to regulate yin and yang. At midnight, there is a yin and yang meeting. Therefore, we must go to bed before 23:00 to be fit for health. If you can’t sleep, then “turn your mind three times.”

One of my friends is a network engineer. He was busy every day until two in the morning before going to bed, and then stayed up until 9 in the morning. Over time, he lost sleep. Lying in bed every night, he opened his eyes until dawn. Later, I had to take sleeping pills to help sleep.

One time, I enlightened him and said, “Anyway, you have to sleep for 7 hours a day, and you just go to bed at 10 in the evening, get up at 5 in the morning, and try to take a rest at noon?”

After a month, he rushed to tell me: “I can fall asleep, I can fall asleep!” The expression was like a child.

If you still can’t sleep with the method of “midday nap”, then use the method of “mind circle” as follows:

1: Lie on the bed first, let your limbs stretch into a “big” character, and relax your body completely, including muscle and spirit;

2: Close your eyes, focus your thoughts on the Yintang acupoint between the eyebrows, and meditate in your heart (that is, your thoughts and thoughts) “My head is sinking and completely relaxed”, you can experience the feeling after relaxation, the same below;

3: After a few seconds, pay attention to turning your mind to your right hand, and then silently say “My right hand is sinking and completely relaxed”;

4: Let the idea go to the right foot again, and meditate “My right foot is sinking and completely relaxed”;

5: Then turn the mind to the right, meditate “My left foot is sinking and completely relaxed”, and then continue with “My left hand is sinking and completely relaxed”;

6: After one lap, return to the head and start again.

With this kind of thought guidance, you are telling every part of the body: I ​​am going to sleep. I tried it myself and fell asleep within three laps. For most people, turn your head from right to right. If you are left-handed, you should start with your left hand.

This method seems simple, but the effect is amazing. The root cause of insomnia is stiffness, tension, and inability to relax. Some people take sleeping pills as soon as they suffer from insomnia. After waking up the next day, they often feel weak and weak, sometimes even unable to move. This shows that the role of sleeping pills is to relax your muscles and nerves. And using the “Mind Circle” allows you to relax in the shortest possible time. When you lie in a “big” character, the area of ​​nerves and muscles stretched throughout your body is the largest, which is most conducive to the relaxation of the whole body. I have taught this method to many people and have tried it out.

Not only can the “Mind Circulation” treat insomnia, but it can also help us eliminate the hidden dangers of high blood pressure and heart disease, and depression, anxiety, and anxiety will also disappear.