Is gout suitable for alkaline foods?

Hyperuricemia is a metabolic disease caused by excessive uric acid production or insufficient excretion in the body. It is related to hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease, and kidney damage.

Because the urine pH value of patients with high uric acid is often lower than normal people, it is slightly acidic.

Doctors often recommend that patients with high uric acid eat some alkaline foods and drink baking soda to play a role of “acid-base neutralization”. Therefore, these “alkaline foods” and “baking soda (alkaline water)” are also affected. The majority of patients with high uric acid love.

But the problem came. Some patients said that “sour taste is acidic food, then it tastes salty, it must be alkaline food.” Some wind friends said, “Doctors say that drinking soda can alkalize urine. Then I buy a few more boxes for water. “

In fact, these statements are incorrect.

After all, how do we distinguish the acidity and alkalinity of food? Is it true that the more soda you drink, the better?

Why alkaline urine?
The urine pH of patients with high uric acid is often lower than that of normal people, which is slightly acidic. Uric acid is difficult to dissolve in acidic solution and easily soluble in alkaline solution. The alkalized urine can dissolve uric acid crystals to a certain extent, promote the excretion of uric acid, and prevent the formation of tophi from uric acid deposition.

What is alkaline food?
Many patients do not know much about the “acid-base” of food, and think that oranges and lemons are acidic foods that taste sour. Actually not, because the acidity and alkalinity of food has nothing to do with its own pH.

The acidity and alkalinity of food refers to the acidity and alkalinity of food after it enters the human body. It depends on the type and content of inorganic salts in the food.

What are the common acid and alkaline foods?
Generally speaking, foods containing more minerals such as phosphorus, chlorine, and sulfur are acidic foods, such as pork, chicken, duck, fish, dairy products, eggs and egg products, rice noodles, wine, and sweets.

Foods containing more minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium are alkaline foods, such as most fruits and vegetables, beans, and their products, including coconut, kelp, lemon, and onion.

Why do doctors recommend that patients with high uric acid eat more alkaline foods?
Consuming alkaline foods can alkalinize urine and even make the urine alkaline. It promotes the dissolution of uric acid in the urine and promotes the excretion of uric acid. It has a good effect on reducing blood uric acid levels and preventing gout attacks.

Drinking soda is not as much as possible, nor is it suitable for everyone.
However, it should be noted that sodium bicarbonate is a sodium salt. Excessive intake will increase the burden on the kidneys and may increase blood pressure. Therefore, doctors who drink soda should reduce daily salt intake.

For patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, and impaired renal function, soda water is not recommended for alkaline urine.

The taste of soda is bitter, and some merchants will improve it. The role of soda water is mainly due to the sodium bicarbonate it contains, so not all carbonated sodas are soda water. When we buy soda water, we can choose according to the ingredients. Pay attention to whether there is “carbonic acid “Sodium hydrogen”.

At present, most of the synthetic soda drinks on the market contain “fructose”. Long-term consumption of this type of fructose-containing beverages will cause insulin resistance, cause metabolic syndrome such as gout, obesity and diabetes, and even worsen the disease.

Therefore, when buying soda, it is recommended to first understand the ingredients of this soda, and it is better to choose soda without fructose.