Is it healthier for the elderly to eat meat or to be vegetarian?

The elderly are a special group. In order to be able to live long and healthy, the elderly’s eating habits are very important. Many people generally believe that the elderly should be mainly vegetarian, and vegetarianism can keep their health and so on. However, is this really the case? In fact, the correct eating habits of the elderly is definitely as simple as being vegetarian, and the elderly should eat meat more. Let ’s take a look.

Why do older people eat meat?

If the elderly eat three meals a day with coarse tea and light rice, it is easy to cause insufficient calories and nutrients, resulting in decreased immunity. The elderly are susceptible to cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction. Undernutrition doubles the risk of death and cognitive function declines. In addition, survey results show that people who do not eat meat are more likely to develop dementia than people who eat meat once every two days.

What are the benefits of eating meat for the elderly?

1, lean blood pressure

Doctors usually recommend that patients eat less red meat to lower blood pressure, but recent studies have shown that eating lean meat does not adversely affect blood pressure. On the contrary, it can even help people lower blood pressure.

2, delay brain aging

The memory decline of the elderly is caused by the decrease of choline. Related experiments have shown that the elderly can eat a little meat every day and their mental state can be significantly improved. This is because the structure of carnitine is similar to the structure of choline. Supplementing carnitine can restore the activity of acetylcholinesterase that acts as a neurotransmitter in brain tissue. Supplementing carnitine can increase the concentration of antioxidants in the elderly and delay the brain. senescence.

3.Relieve fatigue

Red meat contains more iron elements, which can provide hemoglobin needed by the human body. Insufficient iron intake can cause problems such as fatigue and lack of concentration.

How the elderly eat the most healthy meat

Because of the age, the chewing function of the elderly mostly declines, and the stewed meat is soft and easy to chew and absorb, which is more suitable for the elderly. The stewed cooking method of meat will reduce the amount of saturated fatty acids and increase the amount of unsaturated fatty acids, so the cholesterol content will also decrease, and the nutrition will be better.

Here are some meats suitable for the elderly for your reference.

A, pigeon meat
Liao Bu Jing Yi Qi, lung and kidney damage are particularly suitable.
B, chicken
Baked chicken is rich in nutrition, but also beneficial to the five internal organs, tonicing the deficiency, promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation. Chicken with mushrooms can make the dishes more delicious.
C, duck meat
It has the functions of clearing the lungs, relieving fever and nourishing yin, and is beneficial to deficiency fire and dry stool.
D, pork
Pork is rich in nutrition, but high in fat and cholesterol. However, soy products contain a large amount of lecithin, which can emulsify plasma, make cholesterol and fat particles smaller, suspend in plasma, do not deposit on blood vessel walls, and prevent plaque formation. So pork is best served with soy products.