Is it healthy to eat three meals a day without eating meat?

I believe that there are always a few of our friends around the world who are carnivores. It is like losing a soul without gathering meat at a party. There are also a few friends who are personally motivated by faith and see the flesh. In fact, in eating habits, everyone’s different habits should be respected and understood. In our daily understanding, it is good for the body to eat without eating meat, but in fact our understanding is wrong! Whether it is just eating meat or not eating meat, it is unhealthy for the body!

Both meat and vegetarian food are good

1, Meat: Meat can provide us with the protein and fat we need.

Fat is also an important component of brain cells, so fat can support the vitality of the brain. Appropriate fat intake can improve thinking ability and promote brain development, and proper amount of fat can make our skin elastic and delay aging to some extent. .

2, vegetarian: vegetarians are mostly vegetables as the main food source.

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, which can supplement the body with the vitamins needed by the body, promote gastrointestinal motility, and help improve the digestive system. For the protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular also has a good effect. At the same time, because vegetables contain very little calories, it is helpful for weight loss.

Eating meat and eating vegetables are good, but they are indispensable!
1, the total harm of eating meat

(1) Because meat products contain a certain amount of cholesterol, regular consumption of meat can cause accumulation of fat in the stomach and blood vessels, affecting blood circulation, and easily lead to hypertensive heart disease.

(2) Meat is rich in protein and fat. Eating meat without timely exercise and calorie consumption can lead to obesity.

(3) Frequent eating meat without eating vegetables can cause the body to lack cellulose, affecting the peristalsis of food in the stomach and intestines, and constipation is prone to constipation.

(4) The establishment of human health immune system requires iron and zinc. Although spinach also has trace element iron, iron and zinc contained in meat can be better absorbed. In addition, meat can provide vitamin D and vitamin A to the human body, which has a good effect on improving immunity against germs.

2, only vegetarian is not a good thing

(1) Vegetables cannot provide protein and fat like meat. Not eating meat will cause the body to be weak, and it is not conducive to the development of brain cells. When the brain is affected, the reflex nerves become dull.

(2) Long-term vegetarianism can lead to malnutrition in the body, which can easily lead to endocrine disorders, which affect normal fertility.

(3) The absorption rate of vegetable protein is far less than that provided by meat. Long-term vegetarianism can easily lead to protein deficiency, which can cause problems such as osteoporosis, decreased resistance, and edema.

Should maintain a balanced diet
After reading so much, it is more healthy to eat meat or eat vegetables. In fact, the answer is very clear. That is to say, the attitude of “rain and dew” should be upheld. It is not just eating vegetables without eating meat to maintain health, but only eating. It is also a lot of harm to eat meat without eating vegetables. All in all, maintaining a balanced diet is essential!