Is it right to eat fruit and drink yogurt after a meal?

“Walk a hundred steps after a meal to live to ninety-nine”… These widely spread “health slang” may be affecting your health step by step!

6 after a meal

No hurry to eat fruit

After the food enters the stomach, it usually goes through a digestion process for 1 to 2 hours. If you eat fruit immediately after a meal, it will be blocked by the food that reaches the stomach first. The glucose and fructose in the fruit cannot be directly absorbed by the small intestine and stay in The fruit acid in the stomach reacts with gastric acid to produce a large amount of gas, which causes symptoms such as abdominal distension and constipation.

Fruits can be eaten before meals. On the one hand, many of the nutrients in fruits are water-soluble, which makes it easier to be digested and absorbed by the intestines and stomach before eating; on the other hand, they can also produce a feeling of fullness, which can help suppress appetite for people who want to lose weight.

If you have to eat fruit after a meal, it is recommended to eat it after an hour.

No hurry to drink yogurt

Yogurt is rich in probiotics, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and help digestion and absorption. However, drinking yogurt immediately after a meal is equivalent to increasing food intake, but it will feel overfull and increase the workload of the gastrointestinal tract; and yogurt also has a certain amount of calories, and drinking it after a full meal increases the risk of obesity.

If you want to lose weight, you can choose to drink sugar-free yogurt half an hour before a meal, which not only reduces hunger, but also helps control blood sugar after a meal.

Not rushing to exercise

In order to digest food after a meal, most of the body’s blood will be supplied to the gastrointestinal tract, causing the abdominal blood vessels to dilate and congest.

If you exercise at this time, the gastrointestinal blood will be shunted, resulting in ischemia of the digestive tract and poor digestive motility, which will cause the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract to spasm and cause abdominal pain. People with poor gastrointestinal function are also prone to gastroptosis.

Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the “100-step walking after a meal” to “a hundred-step walking half an hour after a meal”, which is more helpful to promote digestion and improve metabolism.

Not eager to drink tea

After eating greasy food, drinking a cup of tea often makes people feel refreshed. But in fact, drinking tea immediately after a meal not only can’t digest and scrape the oil, it will damage the stomach.

Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, which can synthesize target acid protein with protein. This protein will affect the digestion and absorption of food by the intestines and stomach, and can easily lead to constipation.

Theophylline can inhibit the absorption of iron in the small intestine, especially in patients with severe iron deficiency anemia, not to drink too much tea or drink strong tea.

[Recommendation] Drink tea after 1-2 hours after eating, but it is not recommended to drink strong tea. You can also choose black tea for warming the stomach, Pu’er tea for reducing fire, and oolong tea for strengthening the spleen and relieving greasiness.

Don’t rush to loose your belt

Many people feel panic after eating too much, so they untie the belt buckle and relax their stomachs. This actually poses a health risk.

Excessive eating not only leads to obesity, but also causes the stomach to dilate. Because of gravity, the stomach will hang down to a certain extent. At this time, untie the belt will cause the pressure in the abdominal cavity to drop, weaken the support for the stomach, and cause the stomach to droop more. Many, increase the risk of intestinal volvulus and intestinal obstruction.

Not eager to smoke

Smoking is “all harm but no benefit”. Smoking after meals is more harmful than usual. After eating, the blood circulation in the digestive tract increases and the ability to absorb smoke is greatly enhanced.

The toxic substances in cigarettes are more likely to enter the body and damage the liver, brain and cardiovascular blood vessels, forming hidden diseases in these areas.

Recommendation: Smoking after meals is very harmful, even in normal times, it is best to smoke less or even quit smoking altogether.

“Move” like this after a meal

After a meal is an important health time for the human body, don’t lie down and play with your phone after eating. Use this time to develop a healthy body!


Rinsing your mouth after meals is a very healthy and good habit. Food is swallowed after being chewed, but there are often residues left in the mouth. If it is not removed in time, these residues will become “nutrients” for bacterial growth, and will ferment into an acidic substance that will etch the teeth. Prone to dental caries.

Rinsing after a meal can greatly reduce food residues in the mouth, avoid the growth of acidic bacteria at the root, and have a great effect on protecting teeth.

after breakfast

Breakfast can be said to be the most important meal of the day. Chinese medicine believes that the main stomach meridian is at 7-9 in the morning, and the stomach meridian passes through the knee joint. It is called the “longevity meridian” in the meridian of Chinese medicine. After breakfast, you can massage your knees or tap the outside of your calves.

Repeatedly rubbing the knee joint with your hands can make the stomach meridian unobstructed; or tap the acupuncture point Zusanli on the outer side of the calf, which has the effect of generating gastric qi and dampness of the spleen, and can also promote digestion.

after lunch

In addition to eating at noon, you must have a lunch break. Sleeping after eating is not good for digestion and sleep, but it is not suitable for strenuous exercise before going to bed. Standing against a wall is a good choice.

Insist on standing against the wall for a while to mobilize many muscles of the body to burn calories, tighten the body, and achieve the effect of assisting weight loss. It can also relax the cervical spine, prevent spinal degeneration and upright posture.

Note: From the back of the head, shoulders, buttocks to heels, keep your body close to the wall and stand naturally. At the beginning, you can stand for 5 minutes and then slowly extend it.

after dinner

Do not take a walk half an hour after dinner, so as not to affect digestion and absorption. You can use this time to massage your abdomen. Modern medicine also shows that alternating clockwise and counterclockwise massage with palms around the navel can help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate food digestion, and stimulate the brain, which has a good fitness and disease prevention effect.