It is best to drink honey water in these 7 kinds of times.

A cup of sweet honey water is a favorite of many people. Drinking it can both moisturize and prevent constipation and cough.

But honey water can’t be drunk, you have to drink it at the right time to get the most out of it.

Honey water, the best time to drink this 7

1, When fatigue

In all natural foods, honey contains most of the energy that brain neurons need. The fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the body to improve the nutritional status of the blood, especially after staying up late.

Usage: Drink a glass of honey water when tired.

2, When drinking

The honey ingredient contains a kind of fructose that most fruits do not have. It can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol, so it is beneficial to quickly hang up and relieve the headache after drinking.

Usage: Before eating alcohol, eat 50 grams of honey or a few biscuits coated with honey, drink honey water after drinking.

3, When you have a cold

Honey has anti-inflammatory, phlegm, lungs and cough-relieving effects, among which the honey has the best antitussive effect.

Usage: Pear one, cut into thin slices and mix with honey, several times a day.

4, When digestion is not good

Honey can promote the normal secretion of gastric acid, as well as enhance the effect of bowel movements, which can significantly shorten the time of defecation.

To use: Take 25 grams of honey on an empty stomach every morning and evening (drink a cup of warm water before drinking in the morning).

5, When insomnia

Glucose, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium in honey can regulate nervous system function, relieve nervous tension, promote sleep, and have no side effects.

To use: Spoon a spoonful of honey every night before going to bed.

6, When the skin is poor

Honey is the ideal skin care product. It supplies skin nutrients to the skin’s elasticity, killing or inhibiting bacteria attached to the skin’s surface.

To use: Add a spoonful of honey to a spoonful of grape juice, add flour and mix thoroughly to become a grape juice honey mask, or drink a glass of honey water before going to bed.

7, When the blood pressure is high

Honey can nourish the heart muscle and improve the metabolic function of the heart muscle, ensuring normal blood circulation of the coronary blood vessels.

Usage: Drink a glass of honey water every morning and evening.

The correct way to eat honey

It is best to drink 1 to 1.5 hours before meals or 2 to 3 hours after meals. (Drinking honey in the morning, not only nourishing yin and moistening, but also quick replenishment, but it is easy for people with bad stomach to cause diarrhea.)
Adults are about 20 grams per day, and children are about 10 grams per day.

Water temperature

Do not adjust the water temperature of honey to more than 50 degrees Celsius, otherwise the nutrition is easy to lose.

Warm water: Wash with warm water of 40 degrees Celsius, nourishing effect.

Cool water: use cold white to open the clothes, the effect of laxative is more obvious.


  1. Honey is acidic and avoid using metal containers.
  2. Keep the container closed to avoid moisture and odor.
  3. Store at room temperature to avoid damage to nutrients.
  4. honey crystallization is a normal phenomenon, not deterioration.

pay attention

Honey is not for everyone. Pregnant women, infants under one year of age, diabetics, patients with cirrhosis, and postoperative patients should try not to eat.

In addition, honey fructose content is high, gout patients will cause a significant increase in blood uric acid after eating a lot, so try to eat as little as possible.

A piece of paper and a chopstick to help you choose honey

How to distinguish between pure honey and inferior honey with something? The method is very simple, just a chopstick and a piece of white paper.

Blank paper detection

The honey is dripped onto the white paper. Because the pure honey is thick, a drop of water will form a bead shape; the inferior honey mixed with water will not form, and it will easily spread.

Chopsticks detection method

Insert a clean chopstick into the honey and lift it straight up. The pure honey will slowly flow down the chopsticks, and it will pull out the sticky silk, which will shrink into a spherical shape if it breaks.