Japan International Medical Center: Healthy eating can prevent suicide

Pasta eaten more easily leads to depression

Japan’s National Center for International Medical Research and the National Cancer Research Center published a survey on the 9th. The results showed that people who eat vegetables, soybeans, algae, fungi, etc., maintain healthy eating habits and maintain healthy eating habits. Compared with people, the risk of suicide is halved.

The survey conducted a follow-up survey for a total of 90,000 men and women aged 40-69 for 8 and a half years.

Questionnaire survey was conducted on the general diet of the respondents, and the diet was divided into three categories according to the daily ingredients. One is a “healthy” diet based on vegetables and beans, one is “European and American” based on meat and bread, and the other is “Japanese traditional”, which is mainly rice and miso soup. In the course of the investigation, the cases of the respondents were combined, and various effects on health other than diet were considered. The relationship between eating habits and suicide rate was investigated.

The results showed that groups of people who regularly ate vegetables, fruits, potatoes, mushrooms, soybeans, algae and fish, and those who drank green tea had a 47% lower risk of suicide and a 46% reduction in female suicide risk compared with those who did not like it. After analyzing the European and American types and the Japanese traditional type, the data did not change significantly.

It turns out that healthy eating habits can make people eat more vitamin C and folic acid. These nutrients have a significant effect on the prevention of depression, which in turn reduces the risk of suicide.