Japan invented collagen that can be paired with beer

In recent years, the efficacy of collagen has received more and more attention and sought after. Because it not only improves skin relaxation, maintains skin elasticity, but also activates bones and muscles and relieves joint pain, it is widely used in the cosmetics and food health industries. According to a report on Japan’s Record Japan website on November 7, recently, a Japanese company invented a collagen that can be added to beer, which can make beer produce a lot of foam, delicate and durable.

It is reported that this collagen was originally intended for the beauty market. In order to develop a new method of taking, during the trial and error, a staff member pours this collagen into a carbonated beverage out of curiosity. As a result, it was surprisingly found that a large amount of foam surged in the beverage. “The effect is really good when added to beer!” Soon, the company set up a research and development team to study how to make beer rich in foam. In the end, this “collagen for beer” was born.

This pure collagen is granular and very water soluble. Therefore, it can be dissolved quickly in beer. Not only that, but because of the characteristics of collagen, it promotes carbonation foaming, so the foam is more delicate and lubricated, and the flavor is excellent.