Lettuce helps lower three heights

1, Lowering blood pressure

The content of potassium ions in lettuce is rich, which is 27 times that of sodium salt. It can regulate the balance of salt in the body and has the effect of reducing blood pressure for patients with hypertension.

2, Helps lower blood sugar

The content of carbohydrates in lettuce is low, while the content of inorganic salts and vitamins is rich, especially containing more niacin. Niacin is an activator of insulin. People with diabetes often eat lettuce to improve sugar metabolism.

3, Hyperlipidemia

According to nutritional research, its rich potassium helps keep the arteries open and prevents the accumulation of cholesterol.

Modern medical animal experimental studies have confirmed that regular eating can enhance the secretion of gastric juice, digestive enzymes, and bile, thereby stimulating the peristalsis of various organs of the digestive tract, enhancing digestion, and reducing blood fat.